Curriculum Vitae
Lunqu Yuan
Professor & Counselor of the state council
 School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 710, Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 51687161
E-mail: lqyuan@bjtu.edu.cn
Education Background
B.S., Beijing University of Economics (Now the Capital University of Economics and Business), 1964
Professional Experience
1994 – present    Professor, Economics and Business Management school, Beijing Jiaotong University.
1975 – 1994    Dean & Professor, Beijing University of Economics (Now the Capital University of Economics and Business)
1964 – 1975    Official, Ministry of labor and security;
                Official, Ministry of Railways.
Research Areas
Labor Economics
Social Security
Human Resources Management
Teaching Courses
Labor Economics
Human Resource Management
Social Security
The History of China Labor Economics
Labor Sociology
Labor Wage theory
Journal Articles
The achievement includes more than ten monographs and books, 100 more academic papers. The major papers include:
1     Lunqu Yuan, “An introduction to Population and Economics”, Population and Economics, 1980.
2     Lunqu Yuan, “The Labor insurance and Life Welfare of Workers in Our Country”, Labor discovery, 1983.
3     Lunqu Yuan, “A New Subject – Labor Sociology”, Labor and Personal Matters Magazine. 1984.
4     Lunqu Yuan, “Enhancing the Research on Labor sociology”, Economics and Management Research. 1985
5     Lunqu Yuan, “The Wage Institute Reform in Soviet Union”, Economics and Management Research. 1986
6     Lunqu Yuan, “Democratic Germany Labor Sociology Review”, Sociology and Social Investment. 1987.  
7     Lunqu Yuan, “The Improvement of Social Security System and The Transformation of Enterprises Operating and Management System”, Economics and Management Research. 1993
8      Lunqu Yuan, “Knowledge and Technology Innovation and Human Resource Management”, Technology and Management, 1999.
9      Lunqu Yuan, “Salary Design and Management”, China Human Resource Development and Management, 2001.
10  Derong Zeng and Lunqu Yuan, “Strategy Choices in Logistic Enterprises: Porter’s view vs Network Approach”, Chinese Business Review Feb,2004 volume3, No2 (Monthly), 2004.
Conference Papers
   11 1      Lunqu Yuan, “Labor Employment and Social stabilization”, Social Sociology Society.  1991
2      Lunqu Yuan, “Establish Private Labor Endowment Insurance Institute Discussion.” Social Sociology Society, 1993.
3      Lunqu Yuan, “The Discussion to Promote Socialist Market Economy by Improving Social Security System”, Social Insurance Study Society 3th Annual Meeting.
4      Lunqu Yuan, “Set up Harmonious and Stabilized Labor Relationship Today’, China Labor Study Society, 2004. 
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1      Lunqu Yuan et al., Labor Economics, Northeast University of Finance and Economics Publishing House, 2002.
2      Lunqu Yuan et al., Labor and Social Insurance Legislation in China: Trends and Developments for Operating in the New Economy. 2001.
3      Lunqu Yuan et al., Social Insurance Illuminated, China Railway Publishing House, 1999
4      Lunqu Yuan et al., Social Insurance Collection, Henan People’s Publishing House, 1994
5      Lunqu Yuan et al., China Labor Economics History, Beijing Economics School Publishing House, 1990
6      Lunqu Yuan et al., New China Labor Economics History, China Labor Publishing House, 1987
7      Lunqu Yuan et al., Modern Labor Organizations – Macroeconomics Theory and Microeconomics Theory, China Finance and Economics Publishing House, 1988.
8      Lunqu Yuan et al., Labor Economics Collection, Labor Publishing House, 1987.
9      Lunqu Yuan et al., New China Wage History, China Finance and Economics Publishing House, 1986.
10    Lunqu Yuan et al., Labor Work Basic knowledge, Labor Publishing House, 1982.  
11    Lunqu Yuan et al., Modern Enterprise Human Resource Management Design, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, 2003.
12    Lunqu Yuan et al., Education Industry Economics Research, Central South University Publishing House, 2002.
13    Lunqu Yuan et al., Labor Economics Course, Southwest Jiaotong University Publishing House, 1997.
Academic Research Grants
1      Ministry of Railways Technology Foundation, 1998-1999, principal participator.
2      Ministry of Education Foundation, 2001-2003, project leader.
3      Beijing Jiaotong University Foundation, 2005, project leader.
4      Ministry of Education Foundation, 2005-2006, project leader.
5      Beijing Jiaotong University Technology Foundation, 2006-2007, project leader.
6      Beijing Municipal Science & Technology commission, 2006, project leader.
Major Business Projects
1      Shan Dong Zibo Lucun Coal Mining Co., ltd. Human Resource Management Consultation Project, 2007, project leader.
2      Shanxi Taiyuan Jiangnan Food & Beverage Co., ltd. Human Resource Management Consultation Project, 2004, project leader.
3      Minstry of Shengli Oil Field Human Resource Development Strategy Research, 2002, project leader.
4      Shandong Dongyue Co., ltd. Human Resource Management System Design, 2002, project leader.
5      Harbin Duofu Knitting Co., ltd. Human Resource Management Institute Design Program, 2001, project leader.
6      Beijing Juxintong Co., ltd. Position Design and analysis. 2000,project leader.
Honors and Awards
1        Ministry of Labor and Social Security Technology Advancement Award
2        Outstanding Books Award of Beijing Community of Communist Party Public Relation Department and Publishing ministry.
3        Outstanding Teaching Material for Higher Education Award, 2005.
4        Beijing Outstanding Course Award. 2007
Professional Organizations
1      Counselor of the State Council.
2      Standing Director & Member of Academic Committee of China Association of Labor Studies.
3      standing director of China Association of Human Resource and China Social Insurance Association
4      Guest Researcher of Institute for Labor & Wage Studies and Rissho University
5      Professor at Capital University of Economics and Business.