Curriculum Vitae
Li Zhang, Ph.D.
Secretary of the party committee & Professor
School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University
Room607, Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-4789 ; Fax: (8610) 5168-4925  
E-mail: lzhang@bjtu.edu.cn  
Education Background
Ph.D.     Beijing Jiaotong University
M.S.      Harbin Engineering University
B.S.      China University of Petroleum  
Professional Experience
2007每 Present   Associate Dean& Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management Beijing Jiaotong University
2004每2007      Associate Professor, Department of Economics School of Economics and Management Beijing Jiaotong University
1997每2004      Lecture, Department of Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University
Research Areas
Labor Economics 
Social Security
Management of Human Resource
Teaching Courses
Economic Law
Management of Human Resource
Compensation Management
Journal Articles
1 Liu Lisha, Zhangli, Application of Quality Model of Managerial Staff for Staff Member*s Flowing Management in China*s Logistics Enterprise [J], Logistics Technology, 2008.1
2 Zhangli, Yuan Qulun, Multi-dimension Motivational Framework of China*s civil servants, an analysis based on agency by agreement theory [J], Journal of Anhui Univ. 2007.6
3 Zhangli, Yuan lunqu, Pattern, influence and innovation of Chinese civil servants' income [J], Productivity research,2007.4
4 Zhangli, Yuan lunqu, Income system innovation of civil servants' requires new ways of thinking [J], China National Condition and Strength,2007.5
5 Zhangli, Fengkui, Monetizational innovation trend of Chinese civil servants' well-being system [J], Productivity research,2007.4
6 Zhangli, Yuanlunqu, The cause of formation of civil servants' revenue decision mechanism in china:An explanation based on labor market segmentation theories, [J], Journal of Beijing Jiaotong Univ.2007.1
7 Zhangli, Hong WangㄛIntelligent Information Processing in Human Resource Management: An Implementation Case in China, Expert Systems, 2006,5ㄗSCIEㄛEIㄘ
8 Zhangli, Li Yuechuan, Theory and Practice of Systems Methodology in ERP Implementationㄛ Systems Research and Behavioral Scienceㄛ2006, 5ㄗSSCIㄘ
9 Xu, XFㄛ Zhang, Lㄛ Li, YㄛDigital enterprise management in China: current status and future developmentㄛInternational Journal of Production Researchㄛ2005ㄛ12ㄗSCIEㄛEIㄘ
Conference Papers
1 Zhangli, Shuojia Guo, Study of Systems Methodology in ERP in Implementation in China, IFIP TC 8 International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems, 2006,4 ㄗISTPㄘ
2 Zhangli, Yuan lunqu.A study of intelligent information processing in human resource management in China,IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 254, Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information System j Volume 1, eds. L. Xu, Tjoa A., Chaudhry S. (Boston: Springer), pp 493-502. 2007,10. ㄗISTPㄘ(obtaining IFIP, IEEE SMC Technical Committee on EIS, Taylor & Francis Group ,Best Paper Award)
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1 Economic Law (revised edition), published by Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2006.3, appraised as one of the most competitive books of Beijing Higher Education, 2006
2 Compensation Management, published by Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2007.7
3 The Transformation of Civil Servants* Income Determining Mechanism in China〞〞Theory and Demonstration Study, published by Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2008.6
Academic Research Grants
1 Salary Design in Mechanical Manufacturing Industry , 2004-2005
2 Business Performance Appraisal and Salary Administration System Design, 2004-2005
3 Taiyuan Jiangnan Restaurant Group Corporate in Shanxi province, Human Resourse Consultancy Program, 2004-2005
4 Dongming Shihua, Human Resourse Management Consultancy Program, 2004-2005
5 Human Resourse Management and Performance Appraisal System in large enterprise, 2005-2006
6 Strategic Research for Region Economic Industry Chain Development, 2005-2006
7 Human Resourse Management Consultancy for stone material import and export industry, 2005-2006
8 Establishing feasible research of Northeast Management University, 2005-2006
9 Education and training system for major forces of railway vehicles, 2005-2006
10 Hualian Mining Human Resourse Management Consultancy Program, 2006-2007
11 Changping industrial and economic development and strategic research for talents in Zhong Guancun scientific and technological district, 2006-2007
12 Hualian Mining Strategic Management Consultancy Program, 2006-2007
13 Human Resourse Management System Design for Real Estate Development Company, 2007
14 Labour Organization Research in railway system,2007-2008
15 Human Resourse Management Research for Private Scientific Enterprise, 2007-2009
16 Measuring and Appraisal Research of traffic and transportation organizational efficiency based on DEA network, 2007-2009
Major Business Projects
1 Analysis of Manufacturing Systems using Simulation (LG Electronics), Mar. 1993 每 Oct. 1993, project leader.
2 Development of a Production Management Information System (Hyundai Heavy Industries Cooperation), Apr. 1994 每 1997, project leader.
Honors and Awards
1 Obtaining the title ※excellent communist of Beijing Jiiaotong University§ in 2003;
2 Obtaining the title §excellent teacher of Beijing Jiiaotong University § in 2006;
3 Obtaining the 8th session Zhan Tianyou special fund teaching award of Beijing Jiiaotong University in 2008
Professional Organizations
1 Public Management Committee of Chinese Managerial and Scientific Association, Secretary-general
2 Salary Administration Committee of Chinese Labor Association, Director