Curriculum Vitae
Daidai Lin
 School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 714, Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 51683637 
Education Background
B.S.(Sep.1963 - July.1967)
Shanghai University of Finance & Economics.
Professional Experience
1996 – present    Professor, Economics & Business Management School, Beijing Jiaotong University.
1981 – 1996    Associate professor, Shanghai university of Finance and Economics.
1968 – 1981    Office clerk, The First Branch of Shanghai Huangpu food & beverage Co., Ltd.
Research Areas
Human resources management
Labor Economics
Social Security
Teaching Courses
Human Resource development and management
Social Security
Labor Economics
Journal Articles
1      Daidai Lin and Yuan Tian, “Several Views on The Wage Adjustment to Monopolized State-owned Company”, Productivity Research, ISSN 1004-2768, Vol. 168, No. 7, April 2008.
2      Daidai Lin, “The Informal Employment Problem in Modern China”, Quarterly Journal of China, ISSN 2088-3457, Vol. 53, No. 3, September 2005.
3      Daidai Lin and Yuan Lin, “Reform of Household Registry System and Equal Employment in Rural and Urban Areas”, USA-China Business Review, ISSN1536-904. 8 Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 1-7. April 2003.
4      Daidai Lin and Yuan Lin, “Recruitment Channel Analysis”, Shanghai Labor, ISSN 1007-5127, Vol. 513, No. 7, April 2002. 
5      Daidai Lin, “How to Save the Cost of Human Resource Management” Chinese Human resource Development, ISSN 1004-4124, Vol. 172, No. 10, pp. 18-20. October 2004.
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7      Daidai Lin, “The Development of Human Capital Theory”, Chinese Human Resource Development, ISSN 1004-4124, Vol.128, No. 2. February 2001.  
8      Daidai Lin, “The Research on Service Policy for The Old”, The Market and population Analysis, ISSN1006-4346, Vol.29, No. 2, April 2000.
9      Daidai Lin, “Regulations of US Administration over Labor Relation”, World Economy, ISSN 1002-9621, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 42-44, March 1999.
10   Daidai Lin, “Study on Labor Market and Reemployment Project”, Marketing & Demographic Analysis. ISSN 1006-4346, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 4-8, January 1998.
11   Daidai Lin, “Analysis on The Reform of The Employee's Medical Insurance and in Beijing” Theory & Practice of Trade Unions, ISSN 1004-9096, Vol.67, No. 6, pp.38-42, December 1998.
12   Daidai Lin, “An Important Breakthrough in Socialist Employment Theory” Review of Economic Research.  CN -3007/F, Vol. 1034, No. 34, pp. 34-35, April 1997.
Conference Papers
1     Daidai Lin, and, Yirong Gao “Company property share would Motivate Talent Staff in Hi-tech Enterprise”, Proceedings Of The Eighth West Lake International Conference On SMB 385-388, 2006.
2     Daidai Lin, and, Lunqu Yuan “Developments and Trends of Labor and Social Insurance Legislation in China: Implications for Human Resource Management in Foreign Investing Enterprises”, Proceedings of semi -annual meeting of the PDI Global Research Consortia On 99LSS1,Tokyo, Japan, 2001.
3     Daidai Lin, and, Lunqu Yuan “A Preliminary Analysis of Stress Management in Enterprise”, Proceedings Of Proceedings of the 8th World Congress of IFSAM , 28-30 September 2006 .
4     Daidai Lin, and, Yuan Lin “Studies of the Minimum Wage in China”, Proceedings of International Symposium on Contemporary Labor Economics, Xiamen, December 2006.
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1.     Daidai Lin et al, Labor Economics, Northeast university of Finance and Economics Publishing House, 2007.
2.     Daidai Lin et al, Modern Enterprises Human Resource Management Design. China Labor Social Security Publishing House, 2003.
3.     Daidai Lin et al, Wage Theory and Management Practice, China Economics Publishing House, 2001.
4.     Daidai Lin et al, Human Resource Development and Management, China Railway Publishing House, 2000.
5.     Daidai Lin et al, Trends and Development For Operating In The New Economy,
6.     Daidai Lin et al, Studies of Consumption in China, Shanghai Academic of Social Sciences Publishing House, 1990
Academic Research Grants
1      Ministry of Railways Technology Foundation, 1998-1999, principal participator.
2      Ministry of Education Foundation, 2001-2003, principal participator.
3      Beijing Jiaotong University Foundation, 2005,principal participator.
4      Ministry of Education Foundation, 2005-2006, principal participator.
5      Beijing Jiaotong University Technology Foundation, 2006-2007, principal participator.
Major Business Projects
1 Beijing Subway electric power equipment management system, Jun.1996-Dec. 1999, project leader.
2  Liuyuan Section Position Research, May.2002-Dec.2002, project leader.
5     Hami ministry of railways Position Research. Mar.2003-Dec.2003, project leader.
6     Dongming Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Human Resource Management Consultation Project. Jul.2004-Jul.2005. project leader.
7     Hualian Mining Corporation Human Resource Management Consultation Project. project leader.
8     Beijing Sanyuan Co., Ltd. Human Resource Management system Design. Dec.2005-Nov.2006. project leader.
9     Estate Development Corporation Human Resource Management System Design. Jun.2007-Aug.2007.
10  Private Technology Enterprises Human Resource Management Research. Oct.2007-Dec.2009.
Honors and Awards
1  The First Class of Outstanding Scientific Achievement of China Association of Human Resource Management, 2003
2  The Third Class of China Labor Forum Outstanding Paper, 2008.
3  The First Class of Beijing labor Association Outstanding Paper, 2008.
Professional Organizations
1      Member of Beijing Labor and Social Security Society.
2      Administrative Member of Public Administration professional commission of China Management Science Society.
3      Administrative Member of China Labor Teaching Branch.
4      Member of Academic Committee of Society of Management Science of China.