Curriculum Vitae
Yihong Ru
 Logistics Institute
School of Economics and Management
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing, China, 100044
Phone: +86-010-51683651
Mobile: +86-13910684529
Fax: +86-10-51687079
Education Background
Ph.D. (Public Health) National Institute of Public Health, Japan, 1995
MS (Public Health) National Institute of Public Health, Japan, 1991
MS (Material Management Engineering) Northern Jiaotong University 1984
Professional Experience
Research Areas
Regional Logistics Planning, Logistics System Analysis, Reverse Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Resource Management
Teaching Courses
Journal Articles
Prof. Ru has published more than 100 articles in academic journals or international conferences.
1.         Wen Xue-wei, Ru Yi-hong, The Design and Application of Intelligent Logistics System, Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, Vol.2, No.1, Feb. 2002(in Chinese);
2.         Xu Jie, Tian Yuan, Ru Yi-hong, Distribution Centres for the Chain Sector in Beijing: the Current and Future Development, Logistics(Hong Kong),No.2, Jun.2002.4(in Chinese);
3.         Tian Yuan, Xu Jie, Ru Yi-hong, The present status of traditional storage and transportation industries in mainland China, Logistics(Hong Kong),No.3, Jun.2002.6(in Chinese);
4.         Huang Bo, Ru Yi-hong, Wang Tao, The Research of Point Choice on Network Problem, Proceedings of ICTTS2002, 2002.7(in English, searched by ISTP);
5.         Zheng Kai, Ru Yi-hong, Huang Bo, Research on the Optimized Dump Station Layout for Passenger Trains Based on the Genetic Algorithm, Journal of the China Railway Society, Vol.26, No.1, Feb 2004(in Chinese);
6.         Ru Yihong, 中国国内の出版物物流の現状および問題、対策について,マテリアルフロー,Feb 2005 (in Japanese)
7.         Zhu Yu, Ru Yi-hong, Research On Cycle Logistics System Of The Construction Industry In Beijing,2005.11(in English);
8.         Resource Management (資源管理學), China Railway Press, 2001;
9.         Distribution Center Planning (配送中心規劃),  Northern Jiaotong University Press, 2002;
10.     Logistics, China Railway Press, 2003 (北京市高等學校精品教材);
11.     Distribution Management, China Machine Press, 2004;
12.     Circular Logistics, China Railway Press, under publishing
Conference Papers
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
Academic Research Grants
Major Business Projects
Ø   International Cooperation
1)        2005-2006,A Research on Constructing National Internet of Things for Food and Drug Based on EPC, Cooperated: with Lappeenranta University of Technology
2)        06-07, Operational Analysis for Finnish 3PL company in Chinese Market
3)        06-07, Analysis on Railway Transportation between China and Finland
1)        05, Review on Chinese Logistics Policy, Korea Maritime Institute
2)        06, Review on Logistics Policy of Taiwan and Hong Kong, Korea Maritime Institute
3)        06, Review on Security Management of Chinese Port and Transport. Korea Maritime Institute
3.Hong Kong
1)        2006, Feasibility on CBF Project in Lianyungang Port
Ø   Sponsored by State 
1.       1997-1999,Researches on the Generating Quantity and Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in Big City.(特大城市固體廢棄物發生量及種類建模研究), National Nature Science Foundation of China(79670003)
2.       2002-2004,Researches on the Generating Mechanism of Urban Building Solid Waste and Optimization of Industrial Structure(城市建築固體廢物發生機理及産業結構優化模型研究), National Nature Science Foundation of China(70173015)
Ø   Sponsored by Regional Government
1.       2000-2001, Researches on Modern Logistics System Planning in Anhui Province(安徽省現代物流體系規劃), Anhui Province
2.       2003,Research on General Structure of Publication Logistics Standard System in China(中國出版物物流標準總體規範), National Copyright Administration
3.       2005-2006,Construction on Logistics Standard System of Publishing Industry in China, National Copyright Administration
4.       2006-2007,Research on Food Cold Chain System in Beijing for 2008 Olympic Games (面向北京2008年奧運會的食品冷鏈物流系統研究), Beijing
Honors and Awards
Professional Organizations