Curriculum Vitae
Yaoqiu  Wang
Professor of Management
Office Location: SD707
Office Phone: 86-10-51687176
Education Background
Bachelor, Beijing Jiao tong University, 1968
MA, Northern Jiao tong University, 1982
Professional Experience
Yaoqiu Wang, one of well-known logistics experts in china.He was appointed dean of the Supply Management Department, dean of administration for the Industry and Commerce Department in the School of Economics and Management, director of the Logistics Institute, and Vice President of Logistics Research Academy at Beijing jiaotong University.
He has engaged in flow-based management theory research. At the macroscopic level, he has research technology and economic issues of business flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow during physical flow. At the microscopic level, he has researched enterprises’ processes of controlling the purchase of supplies; their patterns of storage, consumption, recycling, and recovery; reasonable planning of the organization and implementation process for all kinds of merchandise of various enterprises inside and outside the organization; and enterprise supply chain management.
He is good at logistics system design and analysis of the business process. He has successively assumed the responsibility of researching eight provincial and ministerial level issues in the field of logistics and has published more than 70 related articles. His major works include the following: China Railway Materials Circulation, China Logistics Development Report of 2001, Barcode Technology and Electronic Data Exchange, Innovation—The Soul of Enterprises, Harvesting Pearls in the Marketing World, Marketing (New Edition), Network Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. He was the editor in chief of Beijing Universities’ Outstanding Teaching Materials. He is a second level academic leader of the logistics management major at Beijing Jiaotong University and a doctoral tutor. He is on the editorial boards of the journals Logistics Technology and Logistics Information. He is the managing director of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and is also a member of the National Committee for Barcode Technology. He is appointed to be a high level specialist for the China E-Commerce Committee and is well-known within China as a logistics expert.
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Logistics Management
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