Curriculum Vitae
 Shaochuan Fu, PhD
 Associate Professor

School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University

Room 816 , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (010) 51688444
E-mail: fushaochuan@263.net  

Education Background
Ph.D. (Sep.2002)
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
M.S. (July.1990)
Master of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University
B.S. (July.1984)
Bachelor of Science degree, Shandong University
Professional Experience
2004-present     Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University              
1990-1999        Teaching in Department of Mathematics, Shandong University
1984-1987        Teaching in Department of Mathematics, Shandong University
Research Areas
Logistics Management
Logistics System Analysis
Teaching Courses
Courses for undergraduates students :
The Management of Operations Research Logistics Information Management Supply Chain Management Logistics System Design, Enterprise Logistics Management
Courses for graduate students:
Data Models &Decision-Making Logistics System Analysis & Design Logistics Collaborative Optimization Methods Advanced Operations Research
Journal Articles
1Shaochuan FuOn the Periods of Some Transformations Used in Digital Image ScramblingProceedings of 2006 International Conference on Management of Logistics and Supply Chain2006.9Chang Sha-SydneyP340-347ISTP
2Shaochuan Fu On the Evaluation of the Performances of EnterpriseProceedings of The Eighth West Lake International Conference on SMB2006.10Hongzhou,PR
3Shaochuan Fu Classify functions of logistic delivery centre ,integrated logistic centre and logistic base2007 International Conference on Management science and engineeringP1284-1287ISTP
4Shaochuan FuOn the Periods of Some Transformations Used in Digital Image Scrambling And the Calculation Method to these Reverse TransformationJournal of Concrete And Applicable Mathematics2007.7
5Shaochuan Fu, Zhao ZhirongAn Inventory Model of Style Items Based on Product Life CycleInternational Conference of China Logistics and Transportation Professional 2008,Amarican Society of Civil EngineersEI
6Shaochuan FuThe measures of avoiding financial risks under asymmetric information Investment Research 2005.08P 37-39The first authorOne category 7Shaochuan FuProblems and the direction of reform of Integrated transportation in China2008-2 Productivity studiesThe first authorOne category
8Shaochuan FuE-commerce risk analysis and qualitative assessment method researchIntelligence journal2005.5P 17-19CSSCI
9Shaochuan FuAnalysis of the fundamental driving forces for Supply chain partners to achieve synergyLogistics technology2007.3The first authorOne category
10Shaochuan FuTwo quantitative methods for choosing third-party logistics service providerLogistics technology2006.4P50-52The first authorOne category
11Yun WangShaochuan FuLin YuStudy on the Vehicle Routing Problem of Automobile Logistics IEEE/SOLI'2008 (ISTP)
12Lin YuShaochuan Fu, Yun WangApplication of Grey Jump Model to Forecast Fluctuating Inventory Demand, IEEE/SOLI'2008 (ISTP)
Conference Papers
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1Prevention from the risk of enterprise e-businessTsinghua University Press 2007.6Monograph
2Management AccountingNanhai Press1998.6Editor
3Enterprise Informationization and e-commerceYellow River Press2002.3 Associate Editor
4Logistics and extended enterpriseMachinery Industry Press2005.10Main translation
5Logistics System AnalysisHigher Education Press2008.3
Academic Research Grants
1B08I0150Research on development strategy of enhancing the competitiveness of China's road transport sectorMinistry of Communications2008.6
2JG2005I0540Research on regional economic development and innovation systemShandong Province Science and Technology Commission2005.9
3JG2005L0536Freight System planning on Tangshan highway main hub Ministry of Communications Highway Research Institute 2005.8
4B06L0220China's "the Eleventh Five-Year " Railway traffic forecasting and development analysisWaterway Institute of Science and Technology2006.3
5B07L0340Measurement studies on highway and water transportation energy demand and energy-saving potential Institute of Science and Technology Ministry of Communications 2007.7
6B08I0010Special research on the modernization of agricultural product logisticsMinistry of Commerce2008.1
Major Business Projects
1B07L0400Preliminary design of the main hub for road freight transport information system in Harbin Harbin Long yun Logistics Zone CoLtd2007.8
2JG2005L0539Sells network optimization and integration of Beijing wanbo gaodao company2005.9
Honors and Awards
1Two quantitative methods for choosing third-party logistics service providerThe third prize awarded by China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing in 2006
2Logistics System Analysis and DesignExcellent course of Beijing Jiaotong University
3 Enterprise logistics management Excellent course of Beijing Jiaotong University
4The Fund of the Social Science publication in Beijing2007
Professional Organizations