Curriculum Vitae
 Jing zhang
 School of Economics and Management,
Beijing Jiaotong University
Room804   , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-7187      
Education Background
M.S. (Apr.1997–Mar.1999 )
Economic Policy, Toyama University, Japan
 B.S. (Sep.1983 –Jul.1987)
Tourism Economic Management, Department of Economics and Management, Northwestern University.
Professional Experience
2000 – present      Lecturer, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
1987– 1995         Research assistant  Shaanxi Social science academy, Xi’an.
1999 –2001        Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University
Research Areas
Resources and Environmental Management
Green Logistics(Logistics Management)
Teaching Courses
Resources and Environmental Management
Warehouse Management
Green Logistics
Journal Articles
1.Jing Zhang,“Green Olympics and Green Logistics,” China Logistics and Purchasing,NO.21, 2002.
2.Jing Zhang,“Chinese Economy and Logistics after join WTO
,” SolutionIT(Japan),NO.5,2005.
3. Jing Zhang, “ The Forecasts and Solution  of Vehicle Emission Pollution of Beijing Before Olympic Games ”Environmental Protection, NO. 12, 2005.
4. Jing Zhang, “The Application of Genetic Algorithm in Real-Time Distribution System,”Logistics Technology, NO.5, 2006.
5.Jing Zhang,“The Micro-Green GDP---The Accounting of Enterprises Environment Costs,”Journal of Wuhan University,NO.5,2006.
6.Jing Zhang,“The Development Characteristics and New Trends of Japanese Logistics,”Japan Journal,NO.3,2007.
7.Jing Zhang,“The Application of satellite navigation and positioning system and GIS technology in the logistics  distribution based on the Beidou” Logistics Technology,NO.12,2007.
Conference Papers
1.Jing Zhang,“Several Consideration Points About the Property Managment of Western Resource” China International Conference on Western Economic Development, Aug, 2003.
2.Jing Zhang,“Green Logistics --From Theory to Practice,”International Transport and Logistics Symposium,Sep,2004.
3.Jing Zhang,“The Implementation of Clean Production of Our Country’s Enterprises Taigang experience by learning the experience of Taigang”China Environmental Science Academy, The Annual Meeting of 2004, Nov.,2004.
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1   Jing Zhang et al., Encyclopedia of China Modern logistics( The Evaluation Index of Logistics Management in the Section 5, Chapter 1, Part 3), China Railway Press, 2004.
2  Jing Zhang et al., Logistics Management and Training Case( Waste logistics and recycle logistics in the Chapter 15, Tsinghua University Press and Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2005.
Academic Research Grants
1  Engaged in the Province Level Technological Development Center Program, The Modern Logistics Development Planning, Handan Region Jul.
2001-Dec.2002, (Grant NumbersJG2001S0040).
2   Engaged in the Province Program, The Standard System for Handling Equipment of National Materials Reserve System, Apr.2005–Jun.2006,(GrantNumbersJG2005I0050).
Major Business Projects
Engaged in the horizontal program, The Innovation Research of Credit value-added in the realm of logistics finance, 2007 –2008. (Grant NumbersB07L0540)
Honors and Awards
1 First prize ofTeaching Achievement of Beijing Jiaotong University Award (university level) by the “The reform and construction for the logistics courses” Mar. 2005
2 First Prize of Beijing Education Teaching Achievement Award(city level) by “Logistics series courses”, Sep. 2005
3 Second Prize of China P.R Ministry of Education(nation level) by “construct the logistics series courses by relying on the key disciplines” Sep. 2005
4 First Prize of China Logistics Academy by the paper of“The development of large-scale real-time distribution planning system based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and 2-opt method”, Nov. 2005
5 Second Prize of China Higher education Academy by the paper of
“The cultivation of Green Logistics Talent”, Apr. 2004
Professional Organizations