Curriculum Vitae
Zhou Jianqin
Associate Professor
 School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 508 , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168- 3838   ; Fax: (8610) 5168-4926
E-mail: jqzhou@bjtu.edu.cn
Education Background
M.S. (Sep.1997 – Jul.2000)
Material Management, Department of Material Management, Northern Jiaotong University, BeijingChina
B.S. (Sep.1993 – Jul.1997)
Management Science & Engineering, School of Economics &  Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China
Professional Experience
2008 – present   Associate Professor, School of Economics & Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
2002 – 2008   Lecturer, School of Economics & Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
2000 – 2002   Assistant , School of Economics & Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Research Areas
Logistics management
Logistics Network Optimization
Teaching Courses
Operations Research
Purchasing Management
Journal Articles
1   Zhou Jianqin, ZHANG Ming-yu, KE Xin-sheng Discussion on Construction modes of Motor Train-set's Fittings Supply SystemLogistics Technology, Jul. 2007 
2   Zhou Jianqin, JU Song-dong ,Discussion on System Construction of Countryside MF During the Course of New Countryside Building, Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University Social Science Edition, Mar. 2007
3   Zhou Jianqin, JU Song-dong ,Discussion on Agriculture and Countryside Logistics in Regional Logistics Plan, Logistics Technology, Feb. 2007
4   ZHOU Jianqin, JU Song-dong ,The Analysis of the Logistics of the New Country Development, China Business and Market, Nov. 2006
5   Zhou Jianqin, JU Song-dong ,An Optimized Location Method Based on Experiences and Models, Logistics Technology, Mar. 2006
Conference Papers
1   Zhou JQ (Zhou Jianqin), Ju SD (Ju Songdong), Setting up algorithm for logistic centre layout based on minimal covering circle, Research on Organizational Innovation-2007 Proceedings of International Conference on Enterprise Engineering and Management Innovation, PP.1145-1149, 2007, Wuhan, China
2   Zhou J (Zhou Jianqin), A model of pubic logistics Centers locations with Outsourcing and self-support considered, Sixth Wuhan International Conference on E-business, Vols 1-4 – Management Challenges in a Global World, PP.3617-3622, 2007,Wuhan, China
3   Zhou JQ(Zhou Jianqin), Ju SD(Ju Songdong), Yi CG(Yi Chunguang), Comparison of honeycombed layout model and orbicular layout model of Distribution Centers, 2006 International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, Vols 1 AND 2, Proceedings, PP. 553-557, 2006,Troyes, France
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1  Xu Jie, Ju Songdong, Purchasing Management, China Machine Press,2009 (principal participator)
2   Zhang Runtong, Zhou Jianqin, E-business and Logistics Management, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Press, 2008
3  Tian Yuan, Zhou Jianqin, Logistics Operations, Tsinghua University Press & Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2004
4  Zhou Jianqin, etc., Access to Modern Logistics, China Society Press,2003
Academic Research Grants
Major Business Projects
Honors and Awards
Professional Organizations