Curriculum Vitae

Shujun Ye  Ph.D.

Department Head & Professor of Banking and Finance

School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University

Room 712 , Building of Siyuan East

Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China

Tel: (8610) 5168- 7174 



Education Background(教育背景)

Ph.D. (2003 –2007)

Management Science and Engineering, Department of Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

M.S. (1992 –1994)

Economics of Technology, Department of Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

B.S. (1979-1983)

Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise Management, Department of Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology, China


Professional Experience(职业经历)

2002 –present     Professor, Department of Finance and Banking, Beijing

Jiaotong University, China

1997 – 2002       Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Beijing

Jiaotong University, China

1994 – 1997       Lecturer, Department of Economics, Beijing Jiaotong

University, China

1985 – 1994       Lecturer, Department of Management, Taiyuan University

of Technology, Shanxi, China


Research Areas(研究领域)

Strategy of Finance, Management of Financial Risk, Micro-structure Theory on financial market, etc


Teaching Courses (讲授课程)

Theory and Policy of Finance

Management of Financial Risk

Monetary Banking

International Finance

Financial Market and Tools



Journal Articles (期刊杂志上发表的文章)

1   Shujun Ye, Ruobing Yang,“Economic Analysis of Setting up Chinese Agriculture Insurance,” Management Modernization, No.2, pp.51-52, 2008.

2   Shujun Ye, Yanmei Jia,“The Boosting Effect of the Shareholder Structure Reform for the Enterprise Capital Operation,” Theory version of the People's Daily,  26th July 2006.

Shujun Ye, Minghua Jin, “the Construction of Multi-level System of Agricultural Insurance,” China National Conditions and Strength, No. 10, pp. 46-48, November 2007.

4   Shujun Ye, Chao Yang, “the Construction of High-tech enterprise technical human capital equity Mechanism,” Management Modernization, No. 6, pp. 27-29, 2007.

5    Shujun Ye, “the Consideration of Controlling the Banking Credit Risk,” Productivity Research, No.9, pp. 53-54, 2006.

6  Shujun Ye, “Analysis on Credit Risk Game between Banks and Enterprises,” Logistics Technology, No.7, pp. 111-113, 2006.

7   Shujun Ye, “An Empirical Study on Investment Bank Prestige and IPO Underpricing under Approval System,” Chinese Business Review, No.5, 2006.


Conference Papers (会议论文)

Shujun Ye, Fajin Gong, " The Quantification Study on Emergencies and their Influence on Corporation Credit Risks," International Symposium on Information Processing, WMWA 2008, Proceedings May 2008.

2  Lu Cui, Shujun Ye, " The Measurement of Investment Risks in Listed Open-ended Fund," DCABES 2008 PROCEEDINGS, Jul. 2008.

3  Ruichao Du, Shujun Ye, " Look into Speculation Behavior in Real Estate Market through Cryptic Cost," DCABES 2008 PROCEEDING, Jul. 2008.

Shujun Ye, Jin Liang "Count Internet Consumption and Selling Credit Factor for Personal Credit Scoring Model," DCABES 2007 PROCEEDINGS, pp.938-941, Aug. 14-17, 2007, Wuhan, China .

Shujun Ye, Runtong Zhang, " Research For Embedding Mergers & Acquisitions Factor Into Credit Rating," Orient Academic Forum Special, pp.364-369, Jun. 2007, Wuhan, China .

Shujun Ye, " A Multi-Bases Coordination Risk Control Model," GMC2007 International Conference.

7  Ying Liu, Shujun Ye, " Game Theory Study Of Currency Speculation In Financial Market," 2006 International Conference on Distributed Computing and Applications for Business Engineering and Science, pp.850-854, 2006, Hangzhou, China

Shujun Ye, Li Xiaoyin, Yan Ting, " Research for the Application of Catastrophe Theory in Credit Rating," Asia Pacific Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions, Vol. I, pp.230-243, 2005.


Academic Monographs and Textbooks(出版专著和教材)

1   Shujun Ye, The Game Analysis and Measurement Model of Credit Risk, China Economic Publishing House, 2008.

2   Shujun Ye, The Management and Measurement of Credit Risk, Capital University of Economics and Business, 2008.

 Shujun Ye, International Finance, Tsinghua University Press, 2005.


Academic Research Grants(学术研究基金、纵向课题)

1  Research on Entire Process Evaluation Model on Projects of Beijing Advanced Materials Industry, 2008.3–2009.6,(Grant NumbersB08H0040), project leader.

Research on the Role in Country Development of Beijing Advanced Materials Industry, 2006.12–2007.5, (Grant NumbersB07H0010), project leader.

3  Research on Spatial Allocation of Beijing Advanced Materials Industry, 2006.5–2006.11, (Grant NumbersB06H0680), project leader.

4  Research on Enterprise Credit Risk Based on the Catastrophe Theory, 2006.12–2007.5, (Grant NumbersB06J0600), project leader.

5  Research on the Internal Resources Integration and Capital Operation of Electric Power Group, 2005.1–2006.12, (Grant NumbersB05J0290), project leader.

6  Research on the Key Fields Supported by Insurance Policy of Eleventh Five-Year Plan, 2005.7–2005.11, (Grant NumbersB06I0661), project leader.

7  Research on Mobile commerce authentication system, 2008.1–2010.12, (Grant NumbersB07A30050), project participator.


Major Business Projects(主要企业委托课题)

1  Research on the Mode of Passenger Transport Railway Line between

Zhengzhou and Xuzhou, 2007.1–2007.6, (Grant NumbersB07X0040),

project leader.

2     Assessment on Financial Effects of High-risk Projects,2002, (Grant NumbersJGL02010), project leader.

3     High-tech Industrial Restructuring of Qianjiang District in Chongqing, 2000, (Grant NumbersH18-45), project leader.


Honors and Awards (获得荣誉和奖励)

1  Guanghua Prize , Tsinghua University, 1994

2  Excellent Teacher, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2003

3  Excellent Lecturer of International Finance, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2003

4  The third Prize of Excellent Curriculum, the Ministry of Railway, 2003

Professional Organizations (参与的专业组织、社会兼职)

1  Member of China Society for Finance & Banking