RUAN, Jia

Lecturer of Finance


Office Location: SD817
Office Phone: 86-10-51688434


Ph. D., Nankai University, 2005
MA, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,post Graduate School, 1992

Personal Biography

Academic: Monetary and financial theory, theory of the firm, industry theory. 
In recent years, major academic results (articles, monographs): 
1, monographs "of price changes in the demand for change and employment change - will be the currency and the division of labor as an endogenous variable analysis", China Social Sciences Publishing House, in March 2007. 
2, Thesis "area with freedom of movement of migrant workers" Selected Economic Essays "economics imperialism", Zarva Press in July 2005. 
3, "Western Economic Belt nation regional transport studies," published in the "integrated transport", in 2006 the first eight. 
4, "macro-monetary factors to consider the price effect", published in the "China price", 2004 7. 
5, "Summary and Review of Economics in transition", published in the "Dynamic Economics", 2004 5. 
6, "Human Capital and the right to use the Price decision," published in the "Nankai Economic Research", 2003 6. 
7, "Assessment of the human capital property rights of entrepreneurs," published in "China Business", November 4, 2003. 
8, "the nature of business: to finalize the contractual duty of human core collection", the third annual meeting of China's system of economics thesis selected. 
9, "Area migrant workers, freedom of movement and national unity," published in "Izvestia Economics", November 8, 2002. 
10, "The Economist of the rational impulse to promote the family," published in "Izvestia Economics", June 2, 2000. 
11, Translation of books: "The future of management", Yunnan Education Publishing House.

Research Area(s)

Strategy of Finance, Management of Financial Risk