Curriculum Vitae
Jing Liu, Doctoral student
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Education Background
Doctoral student (Sep.2007–now)
Construction and Project Management, Department of Construction Management, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
M.S. (Sep.1995 – Jun.1998)
Engineering management, Department of Business Administration, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
B.S. (Sep. 1986–Jun.1990)                    
Electric Motors, Department of Electrical Automation, School of Electric Engineering and Energy, Tianjin University, China
Professional Experience
1998-present  LecturerDepartment of Construction ManagementSchool of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University,
2000-2006  Project management (part time)Beijing Honghe-Meige Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.
1994-1995  Operating ManagementBeijing Chaofan Electronics Technology Institute
1990-1994   Motor DesignTianjin Numerical Control and Transmission Technology Application Research Institute
Research Areas
²  Construction and Project Management
²  Real Estate Economics
²  Energy-saving in Construction
Teaching Courses
²  Project Management
²  Project Plan and control
²  Quota and Budget Estimate
²  Construction Organizing
²  Project Management Application Software
Journal Articles
²  Approach Research on Budget Preparation of China’s Railway Engineering DesignJournal of Northern Jiaotong University First Author1997.12
²  Discussion on Setting up the Professional Liability Insurance of Supervision DesignConstructionSecond Author,2000.6
²  Discussion about Validity of Management InstitutionBusiness Management solicit articles of Shandong ProvinceSecond Author2002.8
²  The Practice of Implementing Project Guarantee Security System in Beijing ―Main Problem and Cause AnalysisBuilding EconomyThird Author2006.4
Conference Papers
²  Research on the Implementing Model of Chinese Government- Invested Construction Project2006, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, ISBN0-646-46616-X2006ISTP-59First Author2006
²  Breakthrough of SMB Development-establish Canonical and Effectual Enterprise Management Institution SystemThe Eighth West Lake International Conference on SMB, ISBN0-646-46467-12006ISTP-288First Author2006
²  Research of Construction Enterprise Supply Chain Management2008International Conference on building and Real estate management ISBN978-7-112-10340-9First Author2008
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
Take part in the preparation of following Academic Monographs and Textbooks:
²  Bidding and Contract ManagementBeijing Jiaotong University Press, ISBN 7-81082-060-5
²  Quota and Budget EstimateBeijing Jiaotong University Press,ISBN 7-81082-116-4
²  International Construction Management, Beijing Jiaotong University Press, ISBN 7-81082-115-62003.4
²  Quality Supervision on Railway Construction ProjectChina Railway Publishing House, ISBN 7-113-05239-82003.7
²  Real Estate Development and Management,Northern Jiaotong University Press, ISBN 7-81082-117-22004.1
²  Construction Management Practice TextbookBeijing Jiaotong University Press, ISBN 978-7-81082-943-4/TU.27
²  Fundamentals for Real Property ValuationBook for National Registration Asset Estimator Examination, China Financial and Economic Publishing House, ISBN 7-5005-8975-120022006
²  Guide on Real Property Construction Project ManagementChina Building Industry Press, ISBN 978-7-112-09287-12007
²  Criterion of Real Property Project ManagementChina Building Industry Press, ISBN 7-112-07926-82006
²  Practice Guide on Electric Power Engineering Cost ManagementChina Electric Power Industry Press,ISBN 7-5083-5815-42007
Academic Research Grants(学术研究基金、纵向课题)
²  新时期铁路工程质量实行政府监督有关问题研究,铁道部建设司,20026200212,本人排5/7
²  全球化市场环境下中国建筑业发展研究,校科技基金,本人排6/9
²  工程建设管理系统研究,校科技基金, 20041200512,本人排6/6
²  北京市建立工程风险管理制度的研究,北京市建委,2005.52005.8,本人排3/3
²  北京市政府投资项目组织实施方式研究,北京市建委,2005.52005.8,本人排2/3
²  北京市关于实施建设工程施工人员意外伤害保险的课题研究北京市建委,2005.5月~2005.11月,本人排3/3
²  关于北京市培育和发展工程项目管理企业的课题研究,北京市建委,2005.62005.12,本人排2/3
²  北京市在建设工程发包承包活动中实行建设工程合同担保制度的课题研究,北京市建委,2005.62005.12,本人排3/3
²  在铁路工程建设项目管理中应用FIDIC合同条件的研究,铁道部科技司,本人排6/7
²  铁路工程物资集中采购供应模式研究,铁道部科技司, 20079—200812本人排2/9
Major Business Projects(主要企业委托课题)
²  油气管道工程建设监理理论与应用研究,横向合同, 2003.6-2004.6,本人排4/6
²  明胶项目可行性研究,横向合同, 20038-200312,本人排4/5
²  铁路建设工程合同体系研究, 横向合同, 20041200512,本人排2/11
²  中油消防工程有限公司发展战略研究,横向合同,本人排2/7
²  代建制管理模式下轨道交通工程造价控制研究,横向合同,本人排5/7
Honors and Awards (获得荣誉和奖励)
²  Award for Outstanding Teachers of The First National Senior Academy Contest on Engineering Quantity Calculation, 2008
²  Excellent teacher, Beijing Jiaotong University,2008
²  The First Prize of Teaching Achievement, Beijing Jiaotong University, 20052008
²  Assumes the Qualification Exam training of National Registration Supervision Engineer, Cost Engineer, Construction Engineer, Investment Consultant, etc.