Curriculum Vitae
Xuemei LI, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 956, Apt. 9
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-4238  ; Fax: (8610) 5168-4238  
Personal Biography:
Dr. Xuemei LI, has been a faculty member at Beijing Jiaotong University in School of Economics and Management since 1995, and she had been a faculty member at Tianjing University in School of Civil Engineering for half years. She taught in the areas of International trade and macro economics for more than ten years before teaching statistics and international business negotiation. Prior to her academic career, she worked for two years at a medicine factory as a programmer, and worked for one year at comprehensive transportation plan office of Heilongjiang government as a researcher. She has written more than 40 articles in public journal and international conference. In addition, he has published three books.
Education Background
Ph.D. (Sep. 2000 – Dec. 2007)
Management Science and Engineering, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, PR China
M.A. (Sep.1992 – May.1995)
Enterprise Architecture Management and Technical Economy, Department of Enterprise Managemnet, Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China
B.E. (Sep. 1985 – July.1989)
Scientific Computing and Applied Software, Department of Mathematics, Heilongjiang University, PR China
Professional Experience
2004 – present    Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University
1995 – 2004    Lecturer, Department of Economics, Beijing jiaotong University
2001 – 2002       Visiting Scholar, School of Management, University of Nevada, Reno, USA
1995 – 1995    Assistant  Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Tianjing University
Research Areas
Urban Traffic
Comprehensive Traffic
International Industrial Transfer
International Business Negotiation
Teaching Courses
International Trade
International Business Negotiation
International Business Negotiation Simulation
Technical Economics
Professional English for Graduate Students
Journal Articles
1   Li Xuemei, Zhou Yaodong, Methodology Research of Circular Economy, Productivity Research, ISSN1004-2768, CN14-1145/F, No.4, 2008 (In Chinese)
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16  Ke Xinsheng, Li Xuemei, A Strategy Study on City Information of the Personalized Construction, Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology (A Supplement), No.12, 2002(EI Source) (In Chinese)
Conference Papers
1   Li Xuemei, Management Features and Implications of American Academic Universities, Proceedings of 2008 International Seminar on Education Management and Engineering, Sept 22, 2008, Chengdu-Sydney. ISBN978-0-646-49806-5.
2   Li Xuemei, Chen Jianfeng, Study of Trip Time Prediction Based on Urban Trip Information Service Platform, IEEE/SOLI'08 Conference on Service Operations, Logistics and Informatics, Oct.12-15, 2008, Beijing, China.
3   Fu Lin, Li Xuemei, Analysis of the Coordination Level of Urban Passenger Transport System, IEEE/SOLI'08 Conference on Service Operations, Logistics and Informatics, Oct.12-15, 2008, Beijing, China.
4   Xuemei Li, Xuewei Li, Wei Yan, Constructing the Harmonious Urban Transportation System, Proceedings of first International Conference of Modeling and Simulation, Vol. IV: Modeling and Simulation in Business, Management, Economic & Finance, Aug.4-7, 2008, Nanjing, China.
5   Li Xuemei, Gao Jingchen, A Study on the Dynamic Price Adjustment of Chinese Color TV Enterprises after Encountering Antidumping, Modern Finance and Global Trading Cooperation: Proceedings of the 5th International Annual Conference on WTO and Financial Engineering, May18-20, 2008. Hangzhou, China.
6   Fu Lin, Li Xuemei, On Innovation Mechanism of Transition Growth in Industry Cluster, The 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management(ICIM07), Dec.2007, Yamaguchi, Japan. (ISTP)
7   Li Xuemei, Yan Wei, An Input-output Analysis of Urban Rail Transit in Beijing, Proceedings of the 2007 Conference on Systems Science, Management Science and System Dynamics(2007 SS-MS-SD), Oct.2007, Shanghai, China. (ISTP)
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10  Li Xuemei, Zhang Zhuda, Yan Wei, Fu Lin, Study on Beijing Public Traffic Industrial Chain Driving, Mergers and Acquisitions Forum 2007, July, 2007, Beijing, China.
11  Li Xuemei, Analysis Models and Methods for Structural Response of Spatially Varying Ground Motions Eighth International Symposium on Structural Engineering for Young Experts (ISSEYE-8), Aug.,2004, Xi’an China,2004.(ISTP)
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1  Xuemei LI et al., Theory and Application on the Industry Relevancy of Urban Rail Transit, China Economic Publishing House, 20088.
2  Beijing Traffic Development Research Report, Tongxin Press, 2006;
3  International Trade, Tsinghua University Press& Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2006;
4  WTO Dispute Resolution Books- Car trade disputes: Typical Safety Motherboard and Industrial Development Enlightenment, China Machine Press, 2005;
5  International Trade, TD Press, 2000;
6  Modern Business Management, Central School of The Communist Party of China,2000;
7  Introduction of Transportation, TD Press, 1998.
Academic Research Grants
1   Research on Key Technologies and Application of ACE Modeling, China National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2006,1-2008,12, (Grant Numbers: 70571006, (2nd PI)
2   Study on the Structure and Model of Harmonious Traffic of Beijing, Beijing Municipal Education Commission as a Production-teaching-research Project, 2008,10-2010,9, (2nd PI)
3   Urban Transportation Information Service Integrated Platform based on variety Transport Forms Coupling, Beijing Municipal Education Commission as a Production-teaching-research Project, 2008,1-2008,12, project leader;
4  Beijing Urban Rail Transit Industry Chain Extension and Public Policy Competitive Strategy Research, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology as Key Issue, 2007,11-2008,12, (Grant Number: D07050601770000), project leader;
5  Beijing High-tech Enterprises Staff Effectiveness Assess System Research and Application, Beijing Municipal Education Commission as a Production-teaching-research Research Project, 2006,9-2007,9 project leader;
6  Analysis on the Influence of China’s Tax Police on the Self-renovation of Important Equipment Industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2006(Co-PI);
7  Study on the Policy of Developing New-generation Productive Industries and Related Technology Structure, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission Key Project, 2005(Co-PI);
8   Study on Accreditation Indicator System and Implementation Mechanism of National Science and Technology Achievement, the Ministry of Science and Technology,2005(4th PI);
9  Beijing urban rail transit economic analysis and efficiency-based organizations (Grant Number: D0604003040711), Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, 2004, 1-2005, 12. (2nd PI);
10  Study of Beijing Technology Assessment and Evaluation System for Current Status and Development, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (Co-PI);
11  The Economic Analysis on Railway Transport Capacity Resource, the Ministry of Railway(Co-PI)
Major Business Projects
1  Drinking Water Condition Improvement Program of Countries in Beijing Pinggu District and Analysis on the Cost-effectiveness, 2005(2nd PI);
2  Study on Taiyuan’s Advancing the Development of Recycling Economy in Eleventh Five-Year, 2005(PI);
3  Wengniute Banner County in Inner Mongolia Economic Analysis and Development Strategy Research, 2004(2nd PI);
4  Gaomi City, Shandong Province Economic Analysis and Development Strategy Research, 2004(PI);
5  Shanxi Xintai Steel sintering plant Ltd. Input-output Analysis (PI);
6  Shanxi Xintai Steel sintering plant Modern Business Organization(3rd PI);
7  Yantai Railway Group Development Strategy Research (Co-PI)
8  Network-based Information Resource Planning IRP Research, School Funded Project (Co-PI);
Honors and Awards
1  Outstanding Teacher Speaker for International Trade Course, 2005.
2  Instructor, Championship of The National 4th Invitation Tournament on Business Negotiation for University Students, 2008, 1 participant awarded the Excellent Negotiator
3  Instructor, Championship of The National 2nd Invitation Tournament on Business Negotiation for University Students, 2006, 2 participants awarded the Excellent Negotiator.
4  Instructor, Regional Championship of "The challenge cup"  Chinese college students business plan competition, 2006, Business plan for Mamaya maternal-infant products company ltd.
5  Instructor, the 4th place of the 1st ACI Simulated International Business Negotiation Tournament
Professional Organizations
1  Member of China Association of International Business Negotiation (CAIBN)
2  Judge for ACI Simulated International Business Negotiation Tournament
3  Instructor for ACI International Business Negotiation Expert Certification