Curriculum Vitae
Zhao Jian
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room714,  Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 51683637,   Fax: (8610) 51688459
Education Background
B.Sc. (Feb. 1978 – Feb.1982) Department of Industrial Automatic Control, Shanghai Tong Ji University.
Professional Experience
1998 — Present,  Professor , Department of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University (BJU)
2003.7---2004.1, Visiting scholarEconomics Department University of Connecticut   U.S.
2001.7—2001.9, Visiting scholar, Business school, Victoria University of Technology, Australia
1997.5 – 1997.7, Visiting scholar, Business School, Duquesne University,  U.S.
1993 —1997,   Associate professor, Director of the Business Administration Department, BJU
1990.10-- 1991.11  Visiting scholar, Development and Project Planning Center, Bradford University,  UK
1982.2--1993.9  Assistant professor,  Lecturer ,  Industrial Management Department , BJU
Research Areas
The Capabilities Theory of the Firm,  New Institutional Economics
Transportation and Economic Growth
Teaching Courses
Managerial Economics,  Microeconomics,
Firm Theory,    Macroeconomics
Journal Articles
Zhao Jian, On the Relationship between Transportation and National Economy---Several issues in Transportation Economics,  Industrial Organization Comment  Oct. 2008
Zhao Jian, China’s Comparative Advantage on Self-Determined R&D and Industrial Policy ----Based on Capabilities Theory of the Firm, Industrial Economics of China, Aug. 2008
Zhao Jian, The function of transportation in shaping city form——based on the case of Beijing, The City Problem, May, 2008
Zhao Jian, The economic analysis on the network completeness and unified dispatching,  Comprehensive Transportation, Nov. 2007
Zhao Jian, On the relationship among unified dispatching, property rights and transportation efficiency,  Comprehensive Transportation, Nov. 2007
Zhao Jian, The meaning of transportation and traffic and the issues of transpotationeconomics, Comprehensive Transportation, Aug. 2007
Zhao Jian, The Risk of Building High Speed Passenger Dedicated Rail, Comprehensive Transportation, Aug. 2006
Zhao Jian, Modularity and the Competitive Advantage of Clusters, Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, Mar. 2006
Zhao Jian, On the Institution Integrated Land Transportation and Construction Administration in China, Comprehensive Transportation, Jan. 2006
Zhao Jian, Transportation Demand Theory and the Trend of Transport Demand Increasing, Comprehensive Transportation, Nov. 2005
Zhao Jian, The Boundary Problem of the Firm in Restructuring China Rail, Industrial Economics of China, Jan. 2005
Zhao Jian, The Capabilities Perspective of the Firm, Assumptions and a Model,  Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University, Dec. 2004
Zhao Jian, Positive feedback Mechanism in Supply and Demand in the Economic Institution Change,  Economic Research Journal, Nov 1997.
Zhao Jian, On the Relationship between the Rapid Economic Growth of China and Infrastructure, Quantitative & Technical Economics, Feb, 1995
Zhao Jian, Economic State Analysis and National Parameters, Project Appraisal, (refereed paper, International Journal) Jun.1993
Zhao Jian, The Choice of Key Industries of China in 1990s,  Quantitative & Technical Economics, Jul, 1992
Zhao Jian, On the Accommodation System and the Structure Change in China,  Quantitative & Technical Economics, Jan, 1991
Zhao Jian, Two Strategies For Develop High Speed Rail in China,  Rail of China, Feb, 1994
Zhao Jian, Reorganize Rail Enterprises for Development and Efficiency, Railway Economics Research, Mar, 1996
Zhao Jian, On the Marketing of Rail Enterprises,  Railway Economics Research, Jun., 1996
Conference Papers ģ
Zhao Jian,  A New Synthesis Model of the FirmAdvances in Management and Management Information System Aug, 1999  Railway Publishing House
Zhao Jian,  “Towards a New International Financial Order”, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Management, CHEP & Spinger, 1998
Zhao Jian,  Revisiting the theory of the firm Proceedings  in Economics and ManagementJul, 1999  Darlian Technology University Press.
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
Zhao Jian,  Modern Managerial Economics, Railway Publishing House, Dec, 2000
Zhao Jian, chiefe editor, Advances in Management and Management Information System, Aug, 1999  Railway Publishing House
Research Projects
1  The public service problem of Social capital take part in building Rails, National committee of development and reform, 20081020099, project leader.
2  Development strategy research for infrastructure construction business of China hydroelectric construction group, 2008,102009,3,  project leader.
3  The business model research on Baotou commercial bank, Baotou commercial bank company,  200710 20083 project leader.
4  The research on railway operation problems, National committee of development and reform, 20074200710, project leader.
5  The microfinance project of Baotou commercial bank,  Baotou commercial bank company,  20067 20072,  project leader.
6  “Eleven Five” Financial information management planning research of national electric grid company, National electric grid company,  20065200612  project leader.
7  The policy and mechanism for land and transportation coordinated development in Beijing, Beijing city planning committee, 20065200612 project leader.
8  National transportation development planning towards 2020 during  “Eleven Five”, National committee of development and reform, 20057  200510project leader.
Professional Organizations
1  Member of Chinese Industrial Economics Academy
2  Member of Beijing Economics Research Academy