Curriculum Vitae
Guoli Ou, Ph.D.
Professor & Ph. D. supervisor
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 717 , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-7173 
Education Background and Professional Experience
Professor & Ph. D. supervisor, Department of Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University
He attended academic exchanges in the United States, Sweden and other countries.
Research Areas
Transport Economic Theory and Policy
Theory of Industrial Organization and Corporate Strategy
Institutional Change and Industrial Innovation
The Economic Characteristics of Network-based Industries and their Reform and Development
Teaching Courses
Theory of Industrial Organization (For Doctors)
Transport Economics (For graduate students)
Transport Economics (For Undergraduate students)
Managerial Economics (For graduate students)
The Forefront of Economics (For Undergraduate students).
Journal Articles and Conference Papers
He has more than 100 publications in national, international journals or academic conferences, including some of which can be found through ISTP.
1   Ou Guoli. Understanding Anew Fogel’s Theory on the Relationship between American Railway and Economic Growth[J]. Journal of Changan University, 2008, 9:1-6
2   Ou Guoli. Cooperative Game, Collective Rationality and Urban Transport efficiency[J]. Journal of China University of Geosciences, 2009, 9(1):100-104
3   Ou Guoli. The theoretic basis and feasibility analysis for introducing market competitive mechanism into China’s Railway Transportation[J]. The Journal of World Economy, 2004, 6: 46-50

4   Ou Guoli. The Hum on Reforming China Railway's Operating Cost Management System[J]. Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2001,3
5   Ou Guoli. On The Subsidy Mechanism for Urban Public Traffic[J]. Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2001, 1

6   Ou Guoli. Research on the Evaluation Design of Network Type Economic System——Taking Example for Beijing Urban Track Traffic System in International conference on Strategic Management, 2007
7   Ou Guoli. Organization innovate research on public traffic enterprise benefit in Research on Organization Innovation---2007 proceedings of international conference on enterprice engineering and management innovation, 2007
8   Ou Guoli. Analysis of Pricing Strategies for E-business Based on Market Power in The Sixth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business, Wuhan:2007
9   Ou Guoli. Correlation Analysis on Public Transportation System and Development of the City in 2007 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, 2007
10  Ou Guoli. Study on Subsidy Mechanism Reform for Urban Public Transport in China in Proceedings of 2008 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering, 2008
Academic Monographs and Textbooks(出版专著和教材)
He has published two monographs and nine teaching materials.
1   Ou Guoli. Transport market changes and Chinese railway market-oriented reforms [M].Beijing:China Railway Publishing House, 2001
2   Ou Guoli. Transport market [M]. Beijing: China Railway Publishing House, 2005
Academic Research Grants
He is the leader of near 30 research projects of different levels, national, provincial, ministerial.
1   The research of characteristics of the network industry and the railway reform, National level, project leader,2002-2003.
2   The studies of the economies of scale of railway network and the load problem of transport, Ministerial level, project leader,2004-2005.
3  The research of technology and operation of the general transport of Inner Mongolia, Major project of Ministry of Railways, project leader,2006-2009,
4  The research of the parking price of the urban district in Beijing, Major project of Philosophy and Social Sciences "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" projects of Beijing, project leader,2007-2008.
Honors and Awards (获得荣誉和奖励)
Previous awards include one National Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award and two provincial scientific research achievement awards. His textbook won two provincial Outstanding Teaching Materials Awards.
Professional Organizations (参与的专业组织、社会兼职)
1   Vice-chairman of Chinese Industrial Economic Association
2   Member of the Board of the China Marketing Association
3   Member of the Board of the Enterprise Committee of Chinese Society of Technology Economics
4   Member of the Economic Committee of China Railway Society
5   Served on the editorial boards of several university journals in China.