Curriculum Vitae
Xiaohua Tang, Ph.D.
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 819  , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-7172    ; Fax: (8610) 5168- 8590 
Education Background(教育背景)
Ph.D. (Sep. 2003– July.2007)
Business Managemen, Renmin University of China
M.S. (Sep.1997 –July.2000)
International Trade, Renmin University of China
B.S. (Sep. 1993– July.1997)
Marketing I,Renmin University of China
Professional Experience(职业经历)
2002 – present      Lecturer , Department of Business Administration, Beijing Jiaotong University
2000 – 2002         Assistant , Department of Business Administration, Beijing Jiaotong University
Research Areas(研究领域)
Corporation Governance
Strategy Management
Family Business Management,
Small and Medium Scale Enterprise.
Teaching Courses (讲授课程)
Strategic Management,
Production and Operation Management,
Marketing Management
Journal Articles (期刊杂志上发表的文章)
1      Xiaohua Tang, “The Effect about the Trust to the Institute of Chinese Family Enterprises , Based on the Shanxi's Businessmen,” Productivity Research, No. 5, pp. 245-247, 2006.被中国人民大学复印报刊资料(乡镇企业、民营经济)F22 2006年第10期全文转载;
2   Xiaohua Tang, “Comparative Analysis on Corporate Governance of Sino-US Family Enterprises,” Review of Economic Research, No. 83, pp. 48-52, November 2006.被中国人民大学复印报刊资料《民营经济与中小企业管理》2007年第1期全文转载;
3  Xiaohua Tang , “Empirical Study on the Effect of fhe Board Governance of China'sFamily-Controlled Listed Companies ,” Zhejiang Social Sciences, Vol. 135, No. 5, pp.22-26, 2007.
4  Xiaohua Tang, “Contractual and Relational Governance between Owners and Managers in Family Firms”, Journal of Beijing Jiaotong University (Social Sciences  Edition), Vol. 7, No. 7, pp.81 -85, 2008.
5  Xiaohua Tang, “Empirical Analysis on Agency Problem Between the Controlling Shareholders and Small Shareholders in China's  Family-Controlled Listed Companies”, Productivity Research, No. 6, pp.122-124, 2008
6  Xiaohua Tang, “An Empirical Study on Relationship between Equity Ownership Structure and Firm Performance in China's Family-Controlled Listed Companies”, Review of Economic Research, No. 68, pp.17-21, December 2007. 被中国人民大学复印报刊资料《民营经济与中小企业管理》2008年第2期全文转载;
Academic Monographs and Textbooks(出版专著和教材)
1  Xiaohua Tang et al., Corporation Strategy Management, China Raliway Publishing House, 2008.