Curriculum Vitae
Wensong Zhang, Ph.D.
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room   , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-    ; Fax: (8610) 5168-  
Education Background
Ph. D.( Sep. 2000 – Nov. 2003)
Management science and engineering, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
M.S.( Sep.1994 – Jul. 1997)
Systems engineering, Department of Management, Shandong University of Science & Technology
B.S.( Sep.1987 – Jul. 1991)
    Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Shandong University of Science & Technology
Professional Experience
2008 – present          Professor, Department of Business Administration, Beijing Jiaotong University
2003 – 2008        Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
2001 – 2003        Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Shandong University of Science & Technology
1997 – 2000            Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Shandong University of Science & Technology
1991 – 1994            Assistant Engineer, Yaoqiao Coal Mine, Datun Coal and Electricity Company
Research Areas
Business Strategy and Urban strategy
Entrepreneurs growth and organizational change
Enterprise resource and competence Research
Teaching Courses
Theory and Practice of Corporate Strategy(for the Doctor)
Enterprise Strategy Management(for the Master)
Management(for the Bachelor)
Journal Articles
About 80 papers were Published In China Industrial Economy, China Soft Science, Forecasting, Economy Management, China Technological Economics, etc.
1.Combination of Strategy and Capability-Research on the Strategic Competence of CorporationsChina Soft Science,20057
2.Firm Network and the Firm Boundary Theory, China Industrial Economy200512
3.Research on Economic Model of Coal Total Product in China, Forecasting,1998(1)
4.Reform Orientation of Chinese Modernization Company, Management Modernization2006(1)
5.Reward Design on Manager and Technician of Science and Technological Company ,China Labor,2006(3)
6.Research on Popularization of High Education, China Soft Science,2000(3)
7.Exploitation of the West Zoology Environment and Persist Development, China Soft Science,2000(12)
8.The Analysis and Choice of Product Modern Logistics Modem, Logisitics Technology,2006(3)
9.The Analysis of Lost Reason of Stated Owned Key Coal Mine,Forecasting,1998(2)
10.Analysis of Supply-Demand Curve of Coal in China,Forecasting,1997(6)
11.Research on Deap Development Strategy of Chinese Agriculture Product, Future and Development,2006(5)
12.The Construction of Innovation Value Chain Based Competition Advantage, Management Modernization,2005(5)
13.Research on Development Mode of Logistics Park, Business Research,2003(2)
14.Research on Concept Frame of Enterprise Strategic Competence, Technologic Economy,2003(3)
15.The Development Orientation of Management Consulting Industry, Science Review,2002(2)
16.Ecological Environment Development in the West Part and Sustainable Development of China EconomyChina-USA Business Review, Vol.3 No.2(Feb.,2003)
17.The Thinking of Micro-econometric Model, Statistical Research, 1998 (SUP)
18.Research on Relationship Between Modern entrepreneurship and Corporate Performance, Science Review, 2006 (12)
19.The Construction of Technological Innovation Value Chain Based on Competitive Advantage, Modernize Management, 2005 (5)
20.Global Value Chain Governance and China's Logistics Business Model Selection, logistics Technology, 2007 (2)
21.The Environmental Analysis and Strategy Selection of Qilu Software Park, High Technology and Industrialization, 2003 (3)
22.An Econometric Model on cost of Key State-owned Coal Mine in  China, China Energy, 1997 (9)
Conference Papers
1.Research on entrepreneur's business lifecycle and enterprise lifecycle in China. 2007 international conference on management science and engineer-management and organization studies section, p965-973.Jiaozhuo, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG., 2007,ISTP.
2.The model design and "11th five-year" development forecast for the high-value payment clearing in China, 13th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Lille, FRANCE, OCT., p1723-1728,2006,ISTP
3.Strategic capability model on enterprises' competition advantage research, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan, AUSTRALIA, NOV., p1441-1446,2006,ISTP
4.Government policy and its impact on SME development , 8th West Lake International Conference on Small and Medium Business, Hangzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT., p591-596,2006,ISTP
5.Research on structure of modem circulating system of Chinese agricultural product. Proceedings of the 2007 international conference on agriculture engineer.p831-840.Baoding, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT., 2007,ISTP.
6.The Discussion on the Application of Neural Network in Consumer Credit Scoring,International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, VOLS I AND II. p1647-1651,AUG.,2003,ISTP
7.Logistic system comparison in agriculture-US,European and China, International Conference on Management of Logistics, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, SEP.,p785-794, 2006,ISTP
8.Study on industry selection of Taizhou expressway company, International Conference on Industrial Cluster Development and Management, Changzhou, JUN., 2008,ISTP
9.The construction of technology innovation value chain based on competitive advantage,International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan, AUSTRALIA, NOV., p402-406,2006,ISTP
10.The Analysis and Policy Suggestion of Factors Affecting Consumer Demand,Orient Academic Forum Special Proceedings of 2001 International Conference on Management Science & engineering
11.New strategic theory pattern based on the connotation of strategic competence, Research on organizational innovation-2007 proceedings of international conference on enterprise engineering and management innovation: p1215-1219, 2007,ISTP
12.Research on the government's policy of urban logistics development, International Conference on Management of Logistics, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, SEP., p8-13,2006,ISTP
13.Research on relationship of entrepreneur's competence and enterprise performance,International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan, AUSTRALIA, NOV.,p223-230,2006,ISTP
14.Evaluation model of enterprise management efficiency based complex science,International Conference on Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan, AUSTRALIA, NOV., p377-384, 2006,ISTP
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1.Research on Enterprise’s Strategic Competence, Science Press,2005
2.The Analysis of Coal Industry, Coal Industry Press,1999
3.Management,Science Press,2005
4.Strategy Management, Tsinghua University Press/Beijing Jiaotong University Press,2006
5.Theory and Practice of Enterprise’s Strategy, Science Press,2005
Academic Research Grants
1.Research on Technological Innovation System and Development Strategy of Agricultural Product Processing Industry,2001, Major writing
2.Research on Standardization of China's Financial Development Strategy, 2002 , Major writing
3.Construction of Modern Circulation System of Agricultural Products,2003, Major writing
4.Research on Standards of Modern Logistics System and the Development strategy of Agricultural Products-the Overall Strategy,2004, project leader.
5.National POPs Management Consulting and Training,2006, project leader.
6.POPs Investigation Data Applications and Systems Decision-making,2007, project leader.
7.Development Strategy of Changhai Company in Guilin City,2005, project leader.
Major Business Projects
1.Standardized Management Information System of Baoan Coal Mine in Shandong Province1995, Major writing
2.Research on Economic Analysis of Yangcun Coal Mine ,Yanzhou Coal Group Company,1997, project leader.
3.Management System Design and Research on Huafeng Coal Mine of Xinwen Coal Group,1999, Major writing
4. Human Resources Management of China's Regional Sales Headquarters of Skyworth Group, 2000,principal participator
5.Development Strategy of Huolinhe Coal Industry Group in Inner Mongolia,2000,principal participator
6.Modern Logistics Plan and International Logistics Center Project Proposals in Shijiazhuang City,2001, Major writing
7.Marketing Strategy of Shandong Weifang Oriental Steel-Tube Co., Ltd.,2001 , Major writing
8.Research on Development Strategy of Qilu Software Park,2002 , Major writing
9.Enterprise Culture building of Beijing Sihuan Pharmaceutical Company,2002,principal participator
10.Research on Credit Project Management of People's Bank of China,2002 , project leader.
11.Research on Operation Mode of People's Bank of China,2002, project leader.
12.Development Strategy Study of The Key Regional in Zibo City,2003, Major writing
13.Development Strategy Research on Huolinhe Open Coal Mine Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia,2003, Major writing
14.Marketing Strategy Research on Shanghai Xinshida Electric Co., Ltd.,2003, project leader.
15.Modern Enterprise System Restructure of China's Financial Electronics Company,2004, project leader.
16.Development Strategy of Qingdao Software Park,2004, Major writing
17.Guangxi Airport Group Development Strategy,2005, Major writing
18.Peninsula Fruit and Vegetable Logistics Base Plan,2005, project leader.
19.Shandong Huaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Development Strategy,2006, project leader.
20.Development Strategy of Beijing Venus Duck Center,2007, project leader.
21.Development Strategy of Taizhou Expressway Group,2007, project leader.
22.Functional Strategic Framework Research on Aerospace Information Co., Ltd.,2007, project leader.
Honors and Awards
1.    Corporate Strategy Theory and Practice honored the National Eleventh Five-Year Planning Teaching Materials,2006
2.    Management Subject Constitution(principal participator)  Honored High  Quality Curriculum,Beijing,2006
3.    Management(Editor-in-chief) Honored High Quality Teaching Materials,Beijing,2006
4.    Excellent speaker teacher of Beijing Jiaotong University,2007
Professional Organizations
1.Vice Director of Strategy Research Institute, Beijing Jiaotong University
2.Member of the Sub-commission on Corporate Experts, China Development Strategy Commission
3.Professional Degree Committee Vice-Chairman ,Economics and Management School, Beijing Jiaotong University