Curriculum Vitae
Shouxin Song
Professor of Safety Management and Engineering
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room936, No.9 building
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 51688021   
Education Background
M.E. (Mar.1994 – Feb.1997)
Power Technology EconomyDepartment of ElectricalEngineering, North China Electric Power University, China
B.S. (Mar. 1965 – Feb.1970)
Physics, Department of Physics, Peking UniversityChina
Professional Experience
2004 – present              Deputy Director of School administration committee  Professor, Department of Business Administration, Beijing Jiaotong University
2000 – 2004                  Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University
1997 – 2000                President of Beijing Electric Power College
1994 – 1995             North China Electric Power Corporation
1980 – 1994         Hebei Electric Power Corporation
1970 – 1980           Education Bureau of Hebei Huolu
Research Areas
Safety management
Vocational Qualification Assessment
Project Management
Education Management
Teaching Courses
Management science
Safety management and engineering
Safety economics
Safety psychology
Management communication
Journal Articles
1      Shouxin Song, “Research on Professional Verification Standard for Safety Discipline Education”, China Safety Science Journal 2008.10
2       Shouxin Song, “ESAP- Promotion Model of Employee Safety Assistant Program”, China Power Enterprise Management 2008.9
3    Shouxin Song, “Survey and Analysis on Correlation of Electrical Operator Fatigue Reason” Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2005.08
4      Shouxin Song,”Electrical Operator Fatigue Problem and Solution”, Electric Safety Technology 2004
5      Shouxin Song, “The Creation and Analysis of Project Management Communication Model Diagram System”, Project Management Technology 2004.08
6      Shouxin Song, “Research on Public Transportation System Track-cross Anti-accident Measures”, Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology 2004.02
7      Shouxin Song, “Building of Measure and Evaluation System of Organization Safety Culture”, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 2004
8      Shouxin Song, “Accident Proneness and Human Factors Management”, China Power Enterprise Management 2003.12
9      Shouxin Song, “Breakthrough in Constructing and Utilizing Database of Network Instruction Resources”, Distance Education in China.2003.7
10    Shouxin Song,”Constructing High Education Crossroads, Realizing Systematic Applied Education” China Higher Education 2001.3
11   Shouxin Song, “Society Call For Service Economy” China National Conditions and Strength vol.75
Conference Papers
1    Shouxin Song, “The Researches on Contribution Rate of Industry Enterprise Support System of Safety Platform”——2006 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering
2      Shouxin Song, “The Investigation and Relativity Analysis of the Fatigue of Electrical Engineering Operators and Its Causes”——Asia Pacific Symposium on Safety 2003
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1     Shouxin Song, “Basic Power Electronic Technology”, China Electric Power Press 1995
2   Shouxin Song, “Electric Power Market Mechanism”, China Electric Power Press 2002
3     Shouxin Song, “Facing Crisis” Beijing jiaotong University Press 2004
4     Shouxin Song, “Facing Setbacks” China Higher Education Press 2007
5      Shouxin Song, “Safe Production of Electric Power”, China Electric Power Press 2008
6      Shouxin Song, “Human factor management of Safe Electric Power”, China Electric Power Press 2008
Academic Research Grants
1   Research on building Support System of Safety Platform, State Administration of Work Safety 2004-2005
2   Research on Professional Verification Standard for Safety Discipline Higher Education, State Administration of Work Safety 2006-2007
3      Research on High Voltage Transmission Lines Electromagnetic Interference, Beijing Energy Saving and Electric Technology Developing.2005-5007
4      Research on Distance Education Measures and Practice, New Century Higher Education Reform Project in Ministry of Education 2000-2003
5      Research on Cultivating Model of Engineering Management Masters, Education Supervisory Committee for Engineering Master in Ministry of Education 2008
Major Business Projects
1    Research on Psychology and Behavior of Mis-operation Accident in Electrical Sector, North China Electric Power Group 1997-1999, project leader.
2     Human resource allocation and evaluation methods, Changchun Electric Power CO.LTD2001-2002, project leader.
3    Measurement and evaluation of Safety Culture, Grid power CO.LTD, 2001-2003 project leader.
4    Research on Evaluation Methods Grid Safety Risk and Crisis Economy North China Electric Power Group, 2000 -2002 project leader.
5    Research on Professional Manager Adversity Quotient Evaluation and Promotion, Engineering CO.LTD of China Railway Electrification Bureau Group 2002-2004, project leader.
6    Research on Long Tan hydro-electric Power Station Safety Culture, China Datang Corporation, 2007-2008 project leader.
Honors and Awards
1    National Outstanding Educator, Ministry of Education and Personnel 1994
2   Outstanding Paper Award, China Occupational Safety and Health Association, 1995
3   3rd Prize of Golden Bridge Project, Beijing Association for Science and Technology,1997
Professional Organizations
1    Director Of China Electric Power Education Committee, Deputy Director of Economic Management
2    Executive Director of Beijing Society for Electrical Engineering
3    Senior Member of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
4     Deputy Director of Safety discipline teaching Supervisory Committee in Ministry of Education
5     Committee Member of Education Supervisory Committee for Engineering Master in Ministry of Education
6     Members of Higher Engineering Education Professional verification experts committee, Group leader of Safety Engineering
7     Member of China Optimum Method and Harmonic Methods Researching Crisis Management Experts Committee
8     Member of National Verification of Professional Technical Ability Experts Committee