Yuanhui Li
School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University
Room 807  , Building of Siyuan East
Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China
Tel: (8610) 5168-7190      
Education Background
M.S. (Sep.1997 – Apr.2000)
Accounting, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
B.S. (Sep. 1993 – June.1997)
Management information system, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
Professional Experience
2000 – present     Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Beijing Jiaotong University
2006.2 –2006.5    Visiting Scholar, School of Business, Victoria University, Australia
Research Areas
Accounting measurement
Disclosure of accounting information
Business competitiveness
Corporate social responsibility.
Teaching Courses
Accounting principle
Accounting Simulation
Financial accounting
Accounting Practice and Accounting Information System
Computerized Accounting in an ERP System
Journal Articles
1 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingABS financing methods design of Railway Passenger-Dedicated Line movable assetsIntegrated Transport2008(3)
2  Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingThe International Competitiveness Evaluation of China Telecommunication OperatorsMergers and Acquisitions Forum 2007China economic press, 441-454
3 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingLogistics cost Analysis and Lower way exploration of Chinese Enterprise . Logistics Technology.2007(8)227~229
4  Li YuanhuiEmpirical Analysis of Impact Factors on Capital Structure of Listed CompaniesInvestment Research2007(5)
5 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingHow to nurture core ability of the third-party logistics enterprises. Logistics Technology.2007(3)28~30
6  Li Yuanhui, Haoyuxin Research on Marketing Services System of Accounting Firm.Chinese Certified Public Accountants.2005(8)
Conference Papers
1 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingEmpirical Research of Liquidity Risk Based On China's Stock Market Proceedings of International Conference on Risk Management and Engineering Management, 2008
2 Li YuanhuiResearch on professional judgments capacity development of students majoring in accounting under the new accounting standardsProceedings of  2008 International seminar  on Education  Management and Engineering
3 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingThe international competitiveness analysis of china telecommunication operatorsProceedings of 2007 international conference on management science & engineering(14th)
4 Li Yuanhui, Ding HuipingEmpirical analysis of EVA in China listed finance companyProceedings Of The 4th International Conference On Innovation & Management, 2007 
5 Li Yuanhui,Research of strategic performance management for China SMEsProceedings Of International Conference On Enterprise Engineering And Management Innovation 993-998, 2007      
Academic Monographs and Textbooks
1 Yuanhui Li et al, Accounting principle, Tsinghua  and Beijing jiatong university press Publishing, 2007.
2 Yuanhui Li, Synchronous counseling tutorial of accounting principle, Tsinghua  and Beijing jiatong university press Publishing, 2007.
3 Yuanhui Li et al., Accounting simulation, Tsinghua  and Beijing jiatong university press Publishing, 2007.
4 Yuanhui Li et al.Financial accounting. Tsinghua and Beijing jiatong university press Publishing,2008
5 Yuanhui Li  Integration:  a way to M & A success, China Financial and Economic Publishing House,2004
6 Yuanhui Li et al,Synchronous counseling tutorial and Case Studies of financial principle, Tsinghua  and Beijing jiatong university press Publishing, 2007.
Academic Research Grants
1 National Natural Science Funds of China, Capability of Logistic Enterprises Facing to Supply Chain Competition,( Grant NO:70472002), principal participator
2 Ministry of Railways Technology Fund, 2008-2009, financial budget and financial analysis and management model, principal participator
3 Ministry of Railways Technology Fund, 2006-2007, Rail transportation equipment leasing model study, principal participator
4 Technology Fund of Beijing jiatong University, The international competitiveness analysis of china telecommunication operators 2005-2006, project leader.
5 Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants research projects , 2004-2006,Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Research on Accounting Firm, project leader.
6 Ministry of Railways Technology Fund, 2002-2004 , Fixed asset accounting and depreciation methods of Railway Transport Enterprises, principal participator.
Major Business Projects
1 The logistics industry development planning and business planning logistics park construction feasibility study of Ningcheng, 2007-2008, project leader.
2 Internal control system research based on a comprehensive risk management of China Communications Construction Company Limited, 2007-2008, principal participator
3 Internal control system design of Eastern Geophysical Co.Ltd.,2005-2006, principal participator
4 Borrowing Costs management research on China Railcom Group Co.Ltd.,2005, principal participator
Honors and Awards
1 2007 Second prize of outstanding Paper. Productivity Promotion Center of China's logistics and Logistics Technology magazine
2 2007 Industry-wide best-selling varieties, Publications issued association
Professional Organizations
1  Member of Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants(CPA)
2  Member of Beijing Certified Tax Agents Association (CTA)