Curriculum Vitae

Name: Zhang, Qiusheng
Ph. D. in Transportation Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University
MA in Accounting, Beijing Jiaotong University
BA in Transportation Finance and Accounting, Beijing Jiaotong University
Current position:
Professor, Department of Accounting, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University

Research Interests:
 Mergers and Acquisitions, Value Measurement and Management

Relevant Professional Experiences:
Mr. Zhang has 15 years of experience as economist and financial analyst in infrastructure industries, such as transportation, energy and communications. Prof. Zhang is a specialist of corporate finance, financial accounting, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, strategic management, industrial organizations. Prof. Zhang has been Chinese Certified Accountant since 1995 and has profound experience of auditing and financial evaluation. Prof. Zhang is advisor in Chinese General Accepted Accounting Principle Committee and academic committee member of the China Accounting Society. Prof. Zhang was engaged in the project valuation of a luxury hotel in Hohhot, Inner Magnolia District with comprehensive financial model. Prof. Zhang supplies consulting services in internal control under SOX404 for American listed company together with KPMG. Prof. Zhang was one of project managers in the project of “Chinese Railway Costing System”, which was a huge project jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Railroad and the World Bank. Prof. Zhang is also independent director served in several Chinese listed companies. Prof. Zhang is also consultant to the Bureau of Energy, Division of Foreign Investment and Division of Price Administration of the State Development and Planning Committee (SDPC) in industrial economics as well as in other central governmental ministry. Prof. Zhang was invited to speech in academic and industrial meetings in Japan, Sweden, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore. Prof. Zhang was senior visiting scholar to University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Other distinctions, grants, relevant commissioned projects and reports:
1. Empirical Study on the Effects of Multinational Company’s Takeovers to Chinese Industrial Safety, National Soft Science Fund, 2007.
2. Cross Provincial Mergers and Acquisitions, Resource Flow and Economic Growth, Humanity and Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education, 2007.
3. Revenue Clearing Rules between Chinese Railroad Passenger Lines, Ministry of Railroad, 2006.
4. Research on Beijing Municipal Transportation Knot: Administration to the Tricycle Vehicles, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Fund, 2006.
5. System Construction of Chinese News and Publication Industry, General Administration of Press and Publication, 2005.
6. Potential Synergies in Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2005.
7. Study on the Assets Allocation and Financial Performance in Chinese Railroad, Ministry of Railroad, 2005.
8. Survey on Publication Activity Process and the Relevant Information Flow, General Administration of Press and Publication, 2005.
9. Study on Company Internal Control System Based on Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Guangshen Railway Company, 2005.

Mail Address:
Department of Accounting
School of Economics and Management
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing 100044

TELE: +86 10 5168 8044
FAX:  +86 10 5168 4079
EMAIL: qszhang@bjtu.edu.cn