Name: Lishuang Wan
Sex: Female
Birth date: April 23, 1972
Nationality: China
Major: Accounting, Auditing, Internal control and Risk management, Corporate social responsibility
Education Background
l  2009-2010 Visiting scholar of University of Texas, at Austin
l  Ph.D. (Sep. 2005 – June. 2008)
World Economy, Department of World Economy and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Science, China
l  M.A. (Sep. 1996 – June. 1999)
Auditing, Department of Auditing, Business School, Wuhan University, China
l  B.S. (Sep. 1989 – June. 1993)
Accounting, Department of Accountancy, Zhongnan Financial and Economic University, China
Major Professional Experience
1999 – present       Lecturer, Department of Accountancy, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
1993 – 1996         Bank Accountant, Wuhan Construction Band, Chinese construction Bank, China
Major Teaching Courses
Internal control and risk management
Financial accounting
Major Publications
l  Corporate social responsibility disclosure in two rising actors: China and Turkey, The World of Accounting Science, 2012,3
l  Parent-subsidiary corporation control: the practices of Chinese central SOEs, ISTP: Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Growth of Firm and Management Innovation, 2009,11
l  Enterprises risk management and internal control, Tsinghua University Press & Beijing Jiaotong University Press,2009,10
l   VE principles in Brownfield Reclamation: A Comparison of the Real Value and the Expense, ISTP: The proceedings of the 2nd international conference on value engineering and value management, 2009.10
l  Integrating enterprise risk management and internal control, Statistics and decision, 2009.09
l  Risk, profit and financial measures for Brownfields reclamation, China business and market, 2009.01
l  Construction institution system on enterprises environment disclosure, Productivity research, 2008, 17
l  On Environmental Disclosure in MD&A: Tentative Evidence From A-share Listed Companies of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Ecological Economy, 2008.01
l   Auditing Theory and Practices , Beijing: Tsinghua University Press and Beijing Jiaotong University Press, 2007.04
l  Empirical analyze on the validity of life industry securitization, Economic Review,2007.2.