Curriculum vita
1.Basic Situation
Given name:HEJIE
Date of birth:2 DEC,1966
Associate Professor
Mster in Accounting and Finance (Transportation Accounting and Finance)
2.Study Background
Sept.1985June 1989 bachelor degree in economics, department of transportation economics , Beijing Jiaotong University,
Sept.1989April 1992 master degree in transportation economics, Beijing Jiaotong University
3. Working Experience                        
1992.4-2000.10, Lecturer, School of Economics and Management., Beijing Jiaotong university
2000.10- Associate professor, School of Economics and Management .,Beijing Jiaotong University
4.Research and Teaching Interests
Transportation Accounting and Finance,
The field I have engaged in is Cost Accounting and Cost Management.
The price-fixing mechanism in Enterprises, and focus more on the enterprise pricing method, and the influence factor on the basis of analysizing the enterprise production cost and the market structure.
The key content of the enterprises’ finance, cost control, especially the internal settlement system, unit settlement price, standard formulation, influence factor, management jurisdiction division in enterprises characterized with network; as well as concrete methods of internal finance, cost control.
2003 join Railway Ministry Project The Railway Cost Calculation System in Chinagot the 2nd prize of science and technology advance issued by Railway Ministry.
1 Yao Huidong, Sun Hejiethe interrelated electricity price problem study on Chinese Railway paying back electric construct, Railway Transport and Economy, 2008(2)
2 Dong Lan, Sun Hejie, the Case Study of the ABC Method Application in Material Information, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, 2004(1)
3 Jiang Lihua, Sun Hejie, the Management Accounting Application Study of Chinese Business Bank, Technology Economics, 2003(8)
4 Sun Hejie, Zhuzuqiang, the study on the Railway Interests Capital Cost, Technology Economics, 2002(9)
7. Projects
Project Coordinator
1. The Electricity Price Problem Study on Chinese Railway Paying Back Electric Construct, 2007-2008
2.the study on pricing of stock sharing railway 2005-2006
3. the cost calculating of railway construction event 2006-2007
Projects Participant
4. the calculating system of point to point railway transportation 2004-2005
5.the study on the system of the railway costing and pricing 2002-2003