Department of Logistics Management

Logistics Management and Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University, originated from 1946, is the first undergraduate major in material management set up for the first time by the government to provide logistics management talents for railway supply chain. Afterwards, master degree program (Material Management Engineering in 1979) and doctor degree program (Material Circulation Engineering in 1996, which are incorporated into the first-level subject of Management Science and Engineering in 1997) have been set up consecutively, becoming the first university in China holding comprehensive cultivation system for logistics management talents with all degrees covering bachelors, masters and doctors. In 2007, Logistics Management of Beijing Jiaotong University has been awarded the first-batch construction place for national characteristic major, as well as the first logistics management discipline that possesses Chinese academician.

Logistics Management has great influence in both academy and industry, especially on logistics policies, industrial standard and regional planning. After all these years, the discipline has provided large numbers of all-level logistics management talents for the country, especially for railway system, with a prominent research accomplishment in logistics management and engineering, making great contributions to the development of logistics-related industries with an extremely high reputation. The major of Logistics Management in Beijing Jiaotong University has undertaken the leading positions in the third-party assessment for multiple times.


Logistics Management is the main construction unit for key discipline in Beijing (Management Science and Engineering in 2002). It is also an important participant in the National Virtual Simulation Test Center (in 2015), Beijign Key Laboratory of Logistics Management and Technology (in 2009), Beijing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center (2008), Beijing Logistics Informatization Research Base of Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base (in 2014). 


The Department of Logistics Management sticks to the principle of basis focus, discipline combination, innovative development and social service and clarify the cultivation target of innovative logistics management talents and cultivation idea of ˇ°academic leading, research and study interaction, equal stress in knowledge and actionˇ±. It has made great achievements in the exploration of interaction among industry, research and study in talents cultivation and in the establishment of practical teaching system paying equal attention to knowledge and action. Many students from here have become leading scholars and experts in logistics, high-level administrators in logistics enterprises and even leaders of listed companies and managers in logistics management in various industries.


Researches in Logistics Management include agricultural products, medicines, energy, transportation, manufacturing and many other industries, providing researches and consulting for all-level governments and enterprises covering regional logistics strategies, planning of logistics park, logistics tracing and informatization, urban delivery and logistics policies. During the 12th five-year plan, it has undertaken nearly twenty major projects belonging to National Social Science Fund, one project of European Union 7th Framework Program, as well as twenty other projects for Ph. D funds and Social Science Fund of Beijing. The researches of strategic and planning for logistics development in Beijing and Yunnan province have been commented by main leaders in provincial party committee. It has also provided multiple consulting researches on logistics management for China Railway Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group as well as many other large-scale state-owned enterprises.

The Department of Logistics Management have gathered many famous scholars, with one Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, two New Century Talents of Education Ministry, one member of Logistics Teaching Guiding Committee and Vice Chairman of China Society of Logistics. It was awarded Beijing Merit Teaching Team in 2011.  


(Updated on May 28th, 2018)