Department of Logistics Management

The department interds to cultivate advanced managerial talents in modern logistics who can meet the requirements of the market economy, equipped with a solid basis of management theory, high level of English proficiency and outstanding computer skills, and a comparatively strong operational ability in the logistics management, planning and designing. The research work of the Department particularly emphasizes the logistics management theories and approaches that are adaptable to modern production and operation as well as the developments of sciences and technology, applying modern science and technology achievements to illustrate and indicate the rules of logistic activities and utilizing the theory, approaches and tools of modern logistics to improve logistics efficiency. The research work covers the analysis of fundamental theory, techniques, and methodologies as well as their applications. The main research areas include theories of logistics, analysis and design of logistic systems, management of logistic information and e-commerce and economic analysis of logistic technology. In addition, the research also includes circulation management engineering, logistics system analysis and supply chain management, logistics development and logistics innovation strategies, logistic information management and enterprise logistics information analysis. There are 3 curriculum groups in the institute, with 24 faculty members including one Academician of China Academy of Engineering, 5 full professors and 12 associate professors.