Department of Information Management

The Department of Information Management, with its well structured faculty members, aims at cultivating advanced professional talents who are equipped with knowledge and basic skills of modern management, economics, computer science and technology, and who can undertake the task of information management and the analysis, design, implementation and management of information systems. It aims at cultivating undergraduates in the disciplines of information management, information systems and e-commerce in the field of management information systems, postgraduates for Master’s degree study in management science and engineering and enterprise management, as well as postgraduates for doctoral degree study in management science and engineering. The main research areas within the Department include various management information systems, assisting decision making systems, artificial intelligence expert systems and other economic issues as well as the research and development of computer technology. There are 4 curriculum groups in the Department, with more than 20 faculty members including 5 full professors, and 14 associate professors.