Department of Finance

The Department of Finance aims to cultivate talents with high political qualities and professional ethics who gain a good understanding of financial theories and practices and systematically get hold of theoretical knowledge and professional skills in areas including management skills in investment and financing, techniques and operation of financial transactions, design and pricing of financial products, financial analysis and financial risk management, being able to undertake positions in enterprises and public institutions related to banks, securities, investment and insurance. The subject settings focus on the training of professional qualities and capabilities, emphasize fundamental mathematics, information technologies and financial analysis and endow students with basic abilities in the practice of financial areas. Currently, the Department of Finance admits both undergraduates and graduates. Main research orientations for graduates include financial theories, policies and methods which centers around financial issues of Chinese economic development in accordance with the idea of development of financial service entity, researches deeply from the perspectives of macro and micro finance into innovative-driven frontier issues of financial theories, financial institution supplies, financial-backing industrial transition and development as well as alert and prevention of financial risk, providing timely theoretical support, policy suggestions and operation modes with a sustainable development.

(Updated on May 28th, 2018)