Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is the one with the longest history in Beijing Jiaotong University. Such outstanding economists as Ma Yinchu and Xu qinbing ever worked here. Taking the advantages of Industrial Economics as the national key discipline, and giving prominence to the features of transport industry£¬the Department has already cultivated many advanced professional talents who can suit the needs of the economic and social development by the characteristics of transportation economics. Currently the department provides two specialties of Economics and International Economics and Trade for undergraduates, of which Economics is a special major construction site at the national level. The Department also has several programs designed for both Master’s and Doctoral postgraduates. The main research areas within this Department include industrial organization theory, transportation economics theory and transportation policy, international finance and trade, statistics, technology economics and management etc. There are six curriculum groups in the Department, with 30 faculty members including 6 full professors and 15 associate professors.