Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting aims to cultivate high-level accounting specialized talents with theoretical basis in economics and management, who grasp theoretical knowledge and professional skills in subjects related to accounting including accounting, audit, taxation, financial management and asset management, hold a sense of social responsibility and professional ethics, the ability of scientific methodology and professional judgement, the capabilities of innovative practices and professional analysis and can undertake key positions in professional areas, management and research work. Complete cultivation system has been established in the Department of Accounting, forming scientific and advanced cultivation idea and mode, with two majors for undergraduates, namely, Accounting and Financial Management. Master¡¯s degrees and beyond include Academic Master in Accounting (1986), Ph. D in Accounting (2006), Master of Professional Studies in Accounting (MPAcc, 2007), Master of Professional Studies in Audit (Maud, 2011), Master of Professional Studies in Assets Appraisal (MV, 2010). The first-time employment rate for graduated students in the Department of Accounting have always been 100% in the past ten years, with a high employment quality. Main employment areas cover comprehensive economic management divisions, famous accounting firms from home and abroad, intermediate institutions including asset appraisal, securities investment and asset management, listed companies, commercial banks, state-owned and private-owned enterprises as well as public institutions. Main research areas of accounting include accounting theories, enterprise finance, audit and taxation, cost and management accounting, assets management and appraisal, enterprise merger and reorganization and enterprise governance.

(Updated on May 28th, 2018)