Coporation Connections

BJTU SEM has been on the forefront of interfacing with the corporate world for the overall development of industry and economy of the country. The School has an exclusive OACL office (The Office of Alumni and Corporate Links) on the 5th floor, which is directed by a professor, who reported directly to the associate dean in charge of alumni and corporate issues.

Treating the corporate world as the most important stakeholder and the most significant resource for running a school, we have established and developed  relationships with it in the following ways: relying on certain industries (such as traffic, transportation and logistics), being guided by the corporate world’s demand, being collaborative in innovation, and developing jointly. Up to now, the school has signed 69 strategic cooperation agreements to carry out long-term and extensive cooperation in nurturing talents, doing scientific research. 

Our corporate links include government as well as private sectors.  Research programs, advisory roles, student’s internship programs, placement, involvement of corporate experts in course development, conducting of seminars and interaction with student community are some of the primary corporate links SEM maintains.