Since the resumption of the college entrance examination, School of Economics and Management (SEM) has fostered more than 30,000 alumni all over the world. Alumni development includes the development of alumni association and alumni activities.

At present, the Alumni Association of SEM in Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), the Finance Branch, the Accounting Branch, and the Logistics Branch have been established, aiming at strengthening the ties among alumni in the same field, promoting the excellent traditions of BJTU, exerting the influence of alumni in various industries, and contributing to the construction and development of university and college together.

Alumni activities include the annual returning-to-school activities of alumni, the annual returning-to-school of Alumni Council and the inaugural meeting of the fresh graduates¡¯ Alumni Council, the theme forums and annual meetings of alumni in different branches, alumni salons, spring hiking, alumni visits, alumni enterprise visits, ¡°I Have an Agreement with BJTU¡± activities and so on.