School Profiles

Beijing Jiaotong University was founded by the Qing Government in the year of 1909,growing out of former Beijing Railway Management Institute.It is the first higher educational institute specialized in educating managerial talents in China. School of Economics and Management(SEM) was renamed and formed with the merging of School of Economics, Department of Industrial and Construction Management and Department of Material Management Engineering in 1996. Currently, SEM has faculty and staff of 292 members, which include 56 professors,89 associate professors. SEM now has1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 counselor of the State Council, 1 Changjiang Scholarship Chair Professor, State Council Disciplinary Evaluation Committee members, National Renowned Teachers, 6 Educational Directing Committee members of Ministry of Education and 7 members of New Century Talent by Ministry of Education that constitute of high-level teaching and research team of the school.At present, the total enrollment of SEM is more than 4500 students, with more than 300 doctoral students, 2700 graduate students and 1500 undergraduate students. SEM has always highly focused on engaging students in global learning to raise studentsí» global competence, and has established institutional cooperation with over 30 oversea universities, offering a variety of international programs for the students to participate in. SEM has set up 35 scientific research institutions engaging in scientific research and social service.

1. Academic
Over the past 5 years, SEM achieved 1 Award of National Excellent Teaching Team, 2 Awards of National Excellent Teaching Achievement, 2 Awards of National Excellent Course, 2 National Excellent Textbook, 2 National Specialized Discipline, 1 National Renowned Teacher, 2 Beijing Outstanding Teaching Team, 1 Beijing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center,10 Beijing Teaching Achievement Awards, 2 Beijing Excellent Courses, 19 Textbooks of Eleventh Five-Year Plan, 4 Textbooks of Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 16 Beijing Excellent Textbooks, 4 Beijing Renowned Teachers. 

2. Research
From 2008 to 2013, faculty members of SEM conducted and participated in a total of more than 1227 projects of various types, with a total funding exceeding 290 million RMB, SEM is in the leading position among economic management disciplines nationwide. Of all the projects, 1 of which is supported by 7th Framework Programme by European Commission, 50 of which are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (including Major Program, Key Program and General Program), 16 are supported by the National Social Science Fund of China (including Major Program, Key Program and General Program), one "973" Project Sub-Project,one "863" Project, 25 National Science and Technology Support Programs, 42 Ministry of Education Projects, 64 Ministry of Railway Projects, 25 Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Projects. A total of 2403 research papers have been published in both domestic and international journals by SEM faculty members, including 45 SCI and SSCI Citations, and 94 EI Citations. SEM faculty also published 84 monographs and translated textbooks. The total scientific achievements have received more than 23 awards of and above provincial and ministerial level, including Award for Excellent Scientific Research of Higher Education Institutions (Humanities and Social Sciences), Science and Technology Awards of Ministry of Education, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Excellence Award, Beijing Soft Science Excellence Award, Beijing Science and Technology Award, Safety Science and Technology Achievement Award by State Administration of Work Safety, Science and Technology Achievement Award by National Bureau of Statistics, Science and Technology Award by China Railway Society, etc. The research findings have received approvals from State Council on multiple occasions.

SEM has 5 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, which include 3 Beijing Philosophy Social Science Key Research Centers: Beijing Transportation Development Research Center, Beijing Industrial Security Research Center,Beijing Logistics Informationization Research Center; 1 Beijing Social Science and Natural Science Collaborative Innovation Research Center: Beijing Humanism Traffic, Technological Traffic and Green Traffic Research Center; 1 Beijing Key Research Laboratory: Logistics Management and Technology Research Laboratory. 

Over the past five years, the annual scientific research funds of SEM have exceeded 50 million RMB. More than 50% of the projects are vertical research projects, among the leading group of management schools in the country. 

3. Social Service
SEM consistently explores new university-industry collaboration models relying on traditional disciplines of the school such as Applied Economics, Business Administration and Management Science, with the aims of knowledge innovation, personal development and social service, persists in the service philosophy of providing service for supports, and devotion for development, actively facilitates the cooperation with industries in the fields of personal development, scientific research, and social service, etc.

SEM actively integrates university resources such as human capital and information, devotes to exporting human capial and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, leading and promoting industrial economy and social development with scientific and technological progress, theoretical innovation, personal development. Considering the ever-growing social demand, SEM provides government, enterprises and public institutions with educational development services, which include degree training programs and course training programs (EMBA, MBA, MPAcc, Master of Engineering Management Program, MPA, EDP, etc), enterprise training program, executive development program, staff continuing education program and other specialized training programs. Relying on 23 scientific research institutions of the school, SEM establishes industry-university-research collaborations, sets up scientific and technological innovative platform, carries out joint scientific research, solves major economy problems and technical difficulties from the scale of national economy and social development, jointly manages and in charge of application for scientific technological achievements.

Currently, SEM has established collaborative partnerships with over 200 enterprises and public institutions, signed strategic cooperative agreements with over 100 local governments and enterprises and public institutions, accumulatively achieving the sum of nearly 60 million RMB for all scientific research collaborations. SEM has employed more than one hundred excellent entrepreneurs and alumni as part-time professors, for the purpose of elevating working quality of the school in the area of personal development, scientific research and social services.

SEM has set up the Office of Alumni and Corporate Links, responsible for coordinating and integrating the school resources, strengthening university-industry collaborations and comprehensively carrying out external liaison of the school.